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Episode 244: The Recruits and The Trials

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Hail friends,

This adventure begins five days ago. At that point in time, I had only just returned from a stealing hiatus and had come back to find that most of my guild had evaporated in my absence. It usually does. Nightstalker, Sweeney, WaVyGrAvY, Norrar, your mom, Saint Dismas, Ragnar, Kylar Stern, Peter Griffin, Stabon, and all the others were either flying other flags, KIA, or MIA. They had either splintered off into factions, founded guilds of their own, or gave up the thieving profession entirely. I would have to rebuild the guild from scratch and (un)fortunately for me this wouldn't be the first time I was ever given this task. (I've had practice.) It was a dark time... a lonely time... and then came the light -- three new recruits! (a.k.a. fresh meat) Recently (ever since Episode 227), it had been a guild of one, but not for long:
  • Enkil Visigoth
  • Raven Newblood
  • Grey Mullet
One-hundred thousand gold pieces says only 2 of 3 can hack it through the trials.

(Oh yes, there will be blood.)

::Five Days Earlier::

Raven Newblood!

He insisted that he hailed from the shard of Legends and I insisted that his robe didn't match his eyes.

(Ah, much better.)

I only had one question.

"I would say LOL."

(Foiled again.)

It seems word of my fun boxes has spread far and wide (and to other shards).

(This new batch of recruits would be even harder to break.)

After some armor, some advice, and after reviewing the rules of recruitment, I gate him to the bank to spread his own brand of chaos unto the world.

Will Raven be this batch's dropout?

Only time will tell.

::Five Days Later::

While scouting out the solan nesting grounds for unsuspecting victims, I get a message from Enkil:

Chad Sexington: Sure.


(An idea.)

A new recruit in need? I have his unconditional trust?? He needs a gate to Cove to find the thief guildmaster to begin stealing, you say???

Now where was a death rune when you needed one!


I think fast, but I wouldn't have much time. I head out through the gate of Yew and start walking south.

I had to stall for more time.

The orcs!

They weren't the mightiest of foes, but in an enclosed area with superior numbers (against a man in a yellow robe), I liked their odds.

(They'd do.)

Besides, after being neglected by the Shadowclan for so long, someone had to keep them busy.

I head back to Barter Town and Enkil is still waiting.

He was in pain!

--but wait!

He needed a gate from Cove to the tower and not the other way around. This would complicate things.

I heal his new battle scars to continue gaining his trust.

(Considering where I was sending him, he'd need all the health he could get.)

(He's a keeper.)

But he's yet to face his greatest foe thus far.

(I check out his armor to see what I'm up against.)

And yet, here he was, newly resurrected and ready to head back into the fray!

(I like his spirit.)

I stand in front of the rune back to "Cove" and cast my spell.

"Vas Rel Por!"

"Something is blocking that location."


"Vas Rel Por!"

"Vas Rel Por!"

"Vas Rel Por!"

Same message.


(Or an orc.)

I give it a couple more tries, but it wasn't working. Anyway, it didn't have to work at this very second. I'd have another chance. And if there really was someone worth stealing from, it would be worth checking out.

Cove it is.


(You win this round.)

*squints eyes*

PopplerHorse (the packhorse), Murgan (the grandmaster stoic), Kragoth Guocera, and a pack llama.

All with empty pockets.

The two of us snoop around a little longer, but this wasn't worth our while. Enkil soon had to go and I had plans of my own. And besides, the orcs had a lot of spunk, but they would've been a poor choice.

Without a rune and with time to spare, logic dictates I take a boat for what I had in mind.

Setting sail off the south eastern most tip of Moonglow, I head due south.

Fire Island.

And more importantly... the Demon Temple.


(What are the odds?)

He had 10,000 gold pieces but soon takes one flamestrike too many.

He runs out the entrance and never comes back. In any case, he wasn't why I was here.

Along the side of the temple and underneath the steps, this fortress of beasts -- which was littered with human remains -- would do nicely.

(I love the smell of victory in the morning.)


I make my way off the island and back to town only to find that someone's beat me to the punch.

Enkil! (Just the man I was looking for.)

Chad Sexington: Umm... it's been a while.
Chad Sexington: Lizardmen until 60 then harpies until RoT?

(And I just happen to have a rune!)

Enkil Visigoth: I can gate now.

(Of course there's a rune on the tower.)

It was a race!

I run to the steps, fling open the door, and make my way up with him fast behind.

I had to get to the rune before he had a chance to gate and I knew exactly where it was.

Through the maze I extend my lead at least another tile.

On the roof, standing on top of the rune I attempt to block his view.

Enkil Visigoth: Vas Rel Por!

(He gets off his gate travel spell first.)


*cracks open rune book*

(Let me try.)

The gate opens and he steps through first.

I follow right behind and break a smoke bomb at my feet.

Two drakes, one normal dragon, and one greater dragon await him!

He tries to walk back through the gate, but an invisible jerk is blocking his exit!


Drakes and Dragons: RAAAAAAWRRRR!

Enkil Visigoth: lol damn!
Enkil Visigoth: That was better than the crates!

Was it bloody? Not as bloody as I would have liked.

But was it necessary? Absolutely.

After a resurrection and a gate home, we head back to town.

A few moments later:

Public Posting by Raven Newblood on Legends:
Not to much here but im pretty happy with this steal

let me know what you guys think ^_^

Chad Sexington: Nice.
Chad Sexington: Are you on right now? Log onto Siege real quick.
Chad Sexington: I'm at the tower.

(I have something to show you.)


('Tis a secret.)

With the speed of a cheetah and the heart of a lion, Raven is eager to see whatever it is I have to show.

(Both recruits are providing strong arguments, but the trials have just begun.)

I snoop his pack to make sure that no valuables will get blood stains.

(I sure did.)

The gate opens and Raven goes through.

This time, I stay behind and...


*waits patiently to hear the agonizing screams of a yellow robed man*

Drakes and Dragons: RAAAAAAWRRRR!

The horror! The agony! I can listen no longer!

--What the...?

In the time it took me to dispel the gate, he already died and made it back through.

(Speed of a cheetah indeed.)

'Tis a shame Grey Mullet already graduated off the recruitment stone.

I guess he'll have to contribute in other, less-bloody ways.

'Til next time!

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