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Episode 072: I am a leaf on the wind.

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Hail friends,

I wake.

Excessive Justice at it again and it looks like they're up to no good. They casually stand around the gate sharing stories about past murders, about taking candy from babies, and about dumping buckets of water on unsuspecting kittens.



Miss Hermoine undoubtably on her way to her next dastardly deed. I hear she has a thing for sneeking into carpentry shops with a saw & some twine, finding a pair of taxidermy'd puppies, and interchanging their half bodies. She takes the double headed puppy to add to her grusome collection and she leaves the one with two asses just for kicks.


You make me sick.

"The Butcher of Minoc" they call her. She looks in my direction and I feel a little dead inside. She announces her exit, she doesn't say her destination, I step to the gate and I'd like to think I picked randomly... but really, there's only only place she would go.

I choose correctly.

Down she goes. I try to keep up. I try to save the victim kittens. I try to protect the soon-to-be-very-sad carpenters...

...but I'm too slow. The Butcher and her speedy beetle leave me in the dust.

Then it hits me.

Maybe it was all a ruse? The pump-fake before the slaughter. I stop in my tracks, take out my runebook, and recall furiously to all my known locations.

If not here, then perhaps the next? I go down the list in my runebook. And at each stop there is no one to be found! I dig deeper into my rune collection and recall wildly now!

"I AM A LEAF ON THE WIND!" I shout out to the sky!

*quickly hides*

Not The Butcher, but still... they look like they're up to no good.

s p a c e b a r, He Hate Me, and Forgeblade leave their red little friend all alone. (Not invited to tag along with their mischief.)

The gate opens, they jump in, we remain, and I take a look.


The gate's still up... but to go head first into an ambush?

I wait.


I wait.


I wait... and go.

Delucia entrance?

*licks finger and puts it to the wind*

An evil breeze blows tonight and my adventure is now taking unwanted turns. Yet, there's no where to go but foward.

"Go in... or go back!" as they say.

"I can't go back." I say in defiance.

Quiet. A little too quiet.

Through the gates I go from out of the shadow of the guards protection. I smell something in the air and I end up in a place where I haven't been for many moons.

And I wouldn't be alone.

Ice East.

Sasha and Firefox are there to greet me, but without any guild tags visible it's hard to judge their intentions. The spawn has just started. From the looks of the spawn, maybe 5 or 6 red candles. Aginst my best judgement, I move in for a closer look. So early in the spawn, surely there wouldn't be any scrolls to be had.

I snoop Firefox's pack and I can't believe my eyes.

*shits pants*

I run and run and run! But no one gives chase!

Along the way I find a sentry.

I stop, I catch my breathe, and I introduce myself to the naked lady.

She's sweet. But a little stand-off-ish. (Not my type.)

Unaware of my presence I could end her life right now. But to what end? A few hundred insurance gold pieces? With the (now insured) shield in my pack and still not detected, I leave her be. I follow the wind as it takes me. Not questioning. Just following.

And the wind was blowing into another direction.

Then the backup arrives. A blue alliance of KOS, GoV, and O*M versus me.

(I like those odds.)

I snoop a few packs but there were no more treasures. With only 9 red candles on the alter I sit back and wait. I take this time to inspect my enemy. Leave no stone un-turned and leave no detail lost.

And it's a good thing I did. It's been a while since I've seen Rikktor face to face.

Rikktor finally comes and I keep my distance. The blue alliance fights brilliantly.


Ok, maybe not brilliantly... but I give them an "A" for effort! ^^

They finally put down the beast. I crack my knuckles, creep forward, and pick one of the blues out of the pack.

I choose incorrectly.

I wait, I pause, I stop, and I open another.

And I find what I came here for!

(Really? 115 Stealth again? A very strange wind indeed.)

I take my prize, make for the sparkles, and to Makenzie's credit, he gives chase.

I lose him through the snow and I soon find myself alone in the grassy fields with nothing but victory to greet me. ^^

A lesser man would be ecstatic with a 115 Stealth Power Scroll. A lesser man would be overwhelmed at the though of a Vesper Replica Chaos Shield.

But I ask you this.





(You make me sick.)

'Til next time!

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