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Episode 228: Do you like my hammer? (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

I swear it had been less than a day when I enter Luna Bank (just like last time) and find Murron sitting idle (just like last time...?) with an Ancient Smithy Hammer (just like last time!).

But his time it was in her hand, out of reach from my greedy, greedy paws.

With Goth Girl standing by, I move in anyway and check for stray hammers.


Looks like it was just the one. But how to get it this time?

"Poisonous shuriken?" Nay, that's a two man job and lately, it's been a one man guild.

This would require something... else.

And when all else fails, I say "patience." I find a good place to perch and I had her hammer in my sights from above. The plan was simple:

Keep one eye on Murron's hammer and the other on Murron's hand. When hammer leaves hand, fly down below -- don't bother snooping -- and snatch and grab the hammer before she knew what hit her!

It was risky, but I like my odds. I crack open my journal, keep my eyes on the prize, and lean back. Tonight's game was "the waiting game" and it was going to be a long night.

::Ten Minutes Pass::

*notices Murron's health as it drops and snaps out of slumber*

(So it wasn't going to be an all-nighter after all.)

There be villainy in the air!

Murron takes one hit and then another. I quickly head down the steps and already know what's up.

(They wanted my hammer!)

The bastards claim what's already been claimed and try to beat me to the punch. It was Diablo Thanto and Native Canadian of D R. Mondain (the gargoyle) also gets in on the action. (I don't think he's in their guild, but he's been cozying up to them all night.)

Diablo takes a halberd to the face and quickly gets a rez from Native.

(I told you it was a two man job.)

Flamestrike after flamestrike, Diablo sends them in Murron's direction.

What they lack in style, they make up in brute force. Unfortunately for us all, their style always seems to draw a crowd.

Nadal T'sarran of TnT gets in on the action.

Murron takes another hit and Diablo preps one last explosion.


Diablo swings open the south facing door with Nadal not far behind. I shove Mondain aside and swing open the east facing door and wait for them to make the first move. Plan A was scratched, but Plan B was all but set. The plan was new, but just as simple:

Wait for them to get the hammer off the body of the law-abiding blue, call for the guards, and loot the hammer from the law-defying red!

I move in, pop open Diablo's pack, and ignore Murron's corpse. I keep one eye on his hands and the other on his pack contents. Nadal and Mondain follow Diablo's lead and it couldn't have gone any better.

Diablo snatches up the hammer and--

The first one goes down and the then the other and I'm the last one standing. Native Canadian watches the chaos from a distance and then finally throws open the other door. He fumbles his spells while I sift through his dead friend's embarrassing corpse. From Murron to Diablo, from Diablo to me.

(I beat them all to the punch for my hammer.)

The crowd grows wild and a shower of wonderous tears rains down upon me.

It's glorious.

In the mean time, while they're busy heckling, I pick up a few other items before he snatches up his corpse contents.

Murron finally decides to show, but she's much too late.

I hand back her hooded monk's robe and leftover iron ingots.

(I'm the hero of this tale after all.)

I look at the jewels one more time and the treasure just keeps piling on.

(It was glorious.)

::A Few Minutes Later::

Murron shows with (yet another) hammer, but Grey Mullet has some questions.

(Join? The guild?)


I just had one question.

*shows off newly aquired, hard earned phallic symbol*

(Two hammers in two days!)

...And he just can't help himself.

"The other guy had a bigger one."

(Whatever. Here's your robe.)

*sad face*

'Til next time!

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