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Episode 266: The Magic Box

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Hail friends,

Sometimes the oldest tricks are the best... and are usually, but not exclusively, hilarious.

Enkil Visigoth: Tamer with greater dragon at Moonglow Graveyard.
Chad Sexington: Okay.

With just a few words spoken into the Crystal Portal and a shadow jump over the iron bars, within seconds, I was right there in the middle of the action.

(With all these new fancy gizmos and skills, things are just a little too easy sometimes...)

Bodies were scattered to the south and the greater dragon was wedged in a building to the north. With such a wide-open graveyard, what were the odds that I'd bump into the only other single human being in--



*steps outside*

*regains composure*

The greater dragon was doing all the work and the tamer was hidden. Luck must have seen me break my silence... right?

Enkil Visigoth: I bet he's got tons on him now.
Enkil Visigoth: I followed him around for about an hour lol.
Chad Sexington: I'm going to get Detect.
Enkil Visigoth: Want to strike up a conversation?
Enkil Visigoth: I already did earlier. Then Jareth and Mullet attacked but she got away. I don't think she trusts me lol.

I hold on the Detect run. Would it really do me any good to swap out Tracking for Detect?

Luck's stealther-sense was already on high alert. She's already met a gang of thieves wanting to get into her pockets. And she's already doing all the right moves and staying far away from her dragon while it feasts -- far away in case of a detector.

With her dragon battling on the northside and herself waiting patiently on the southside, she wasn't new to any of this.

(She's danced this dance before.)

But maybe we were over thinking this puzzle...?

I dip into my bag of tricks and go with duel boxes for this experiment.

(You got to mix it up sometimes.)

Her dragon comes down, she goes up, and... she soon spots the mysterious set of boxes.

She stealths down and around.

After hunting here for hours without any mysterious boxes, she should really know better when they finally appear.

She doesn't.


Enkil gets to the body first, I loot second, and the monsters target him.

Bottles, meat, bandages, deeds, spider's silk, gargish leggings, a pumpkin, and some black pearl -- there was so much stuff. Enkil grabs a few things, but the monsters quickly overwhelm and he's gone. With few mirrors images alrady set, I continue the pillage as Luck finds a wandering healer to the south.

A few more mirrors and smoke bombs later and I've gotten nearly all of it as I track Luck's return.

She gathers her belongings, he corpse turns to bones, and I'm one "all kill" away from death.

(I got a lot, but did I get enough?)

We re-group back at the bank and Enkil reports the good news!

I'm hidden, Enkil is visible, and Luck decides to re-group with us.

She hides and I track.

With more still to be had, I have an idea and get into position.

She shows.

*checks for more valuables*

After a quick search it looks like we got the best of it.

(Ah, peace of mind.)

Enkil soon departs and calls it a night.

He gates.

She follows.

And she's gone from my life forever.


I look through the rest of the loot and it was even more profitable than I imagined:

'Til next time!

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