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Episode 073: Answer my prayers... OR ELSE!

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Fencing. a quick thrust given after parrying a lunge.

New treasures have appeared in the city of New Haven. But the absence of a fencing weapon bring me woes like I've never woe'd before! For days upon days I beseech the gods to answer my prayers with the pool of their infinite wisdom. And in my most desperate hour, in a highened state of meditation, I find myself in communion with the great and all knowing god, Leurocian: [Ultima Online Designer]
Chad Sexington: Oh wow... very nice. One complaint. No fencing weapon?
Leurocian: There are more quest givers to come. Fencing, Archery, Blacksmith guildmaster and quest givers, and Ninja and quest givers (the tracking guy is my favorite. heh. You'll see what I mean later on that one...).
Chad Sexington: I thank thee.

*crosses fingers and hopes for a warfork*

Please be a warfork.



*pumps fist*

Leurocian: Actually, I was going to have it be a short spear. But if you think a War Fork would be cooler....I think I can make that happen.
Chad Sexington: Aye, warfork please. And if the name isn't set, a thief / looter / scoundrel / pirate themed name wouldn't hurt.
Leurocian: That's actually a good idea, Chad. I'll note that. Thanks!
Leurocian: I'll see what I can do about making it a war fork.
That day finally comes and my prayers are answered!

But wait! There's more!

I take my new toys home, apply a fresh coat of poison, and go off to put them to use. And today I was on a mission.

I scour the countryside to let fate judge for herself who would be my first victim. Dungeon after dungeon I search... with no luck. From forest to fleeting forest I come calling... with no answer.

And when all hope was lost... I finally find what I seek.

A horse. (Which means Lady Tammy was not far behind.)

I've tangled with Lady Tammy's better half before (Lady Nicholas). I fought and lost an embarassing death. (But let's not relive it.) Yet, it only strengthened my resolve! This time would be different! This time!

I move in closer and find a bag of sending and a nice stack of powder.

I take the powder.

But I wasn't done. Not this time.

From all accounts, you'd think she was daydreaming. You think that and you'd be wrong. (I have the scars to proove it.)

--When Lady Tammy moves her stack of gold and reveals a second bag!

I mount my etheral steed, prepare my arsenal, and prepare my wits.

I make my move.

Disarmed, bleeding, and poisoned, her health begins to drop. I follow up with armor ignore after armor ignore... and the efreets turn their attention towards me!

This was not good.

My own health begins to fade. I had to excape.

I run to the side, shuriken her horse, and regain my composure.

I return to find that the efreets had finished the job that I had not! I collect my gold, I collect my bags, and I add them to the mess that the powder is making in my pack.

In the middle of my victory dance on my way out the cavern, the most peculiar of people crosses my path.



If my instincts were right (and they usually are), I had to act fast. I try to keep up but her mighty nightmare out paces my steps. I finally catch up and find the most embarassing of sights.

Face-planted by level one champion spawn.

*slaps forehead in mutual embarassment*

I look again.



Her body remained equip!

I move in and find a corpse full of mana regen 2 armor amongst the rest of the treasure.

Now with the spawn set on me, I loot as fast as I can. I loot fast, but there is much to be had. I loot fast, but not before Lady Tammy returns to see her murderer dry looting her savior!

She see's her friend's body, she see's the extent of my greed, and she spots the spawn fixed on me.

She laughs.

I shadow strike the closest mongbat.

I laugh back.

She skitters off to the safety of the 2nd level. I take everything but the vendor runes. But what if there was more? She came back? Would there be more powder to re-supply her endeavours?


She attempts a second time to return to her friends (now empty) corpse with no avail.

With nothing more for me here and with backpack full of treasure, I return home satisfied with my performance.

'Til next time!

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