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Episode 176: The gift that keeps on giving. (Part 2 of 4)

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Hail friends,

It was time to explore some uncharted territory.

Actually, I've been exploring uncharted territory since I got to these new lands. Today was going to be different. I could feel it. I put on the goofy looking jingasa (with night sight) that I use for dungeon diving and head out.

Adventure awaits!

Today's destination was Blood Dungeon (which was previously inaccessible for me and my kind on Napa).

I head for the Umbra Moongate and exit Spirituality in the lands of Ilshenar.

Blood Dungeon. A dungeon of elementals and demons alike. I hit all the important hot spots.

But it looks like it wouldn't be Blood Dungeon's day. (But I'd be back.) I exit and decide to take the long way around. Half way across this world, I'd go. From endless fields of faeries, to strange caves, to a town inhabited by the Meer.

*pulls out Ilshenar map*

Putting the empty Blood Dungeon behind me, today I'd be going from Spirituality to Humility... and I wouldn't be alone.

(What's this?)

The body of a Cu Sidhe and an angry paragon hell hound standing over its corpse. It's a long way from any Cu Sidhe spawn around these parts.

The tamer couldn't be far.

(But he wasn't going to make it easy.)

And I find the strangest thing.

Two Cu Sidhes, not one.

Twice the amount of beasts equals twice the amount of tamers.

I find only one.

I try again and still... just the one.

They head north and I follow.

The single tamer only becomes visible long enough to spout off his commands -- long enough to see what I'm up against, but not nearly long enough to take my treasures home with me.

Lord Hermes of D$L!

A dragon lover and also a card carrying member of the Council of Mages. He'd have friends. He wasn't going to make this easy.

I wonder why the spawn is so thick and then I wonder why I'm so stupid.

A champion spawn!

It's been so long since I've been in these parts, I had forgotten these even existed! I wait at the alter, I wait for his friends, and I wait for an opportunity. I wasn't after scrolls today and neither were they.

It didn't matter.

I watch and wait as the white candles start piling up. And from the east one of the puppies comes limping into view. I needed an opportunity and this was the opporunity I needed!

"Sif! Why does your master neglect you so?"

(Poor Sif.)

(I follow closely but not too close.)

Hermes pops out and stays put long enough for me to finally get a peek.

I spot some fishsteaks and all kinds of blessed thief distracting crap. Hermes leads the puppy to the north west and the pack shuts on me just as I spot an unusually tempting looking red pouch with 9 items inside.

I wanted a closer look.

Hermes applies another bandaid, a rat mage distracts Sif, Modi is nowhere to be found, a second rat mage turns his attention to Hermes, and I'm more lucky than good this day.

(I'll take it!)

"In Vas Mani!" Hermes says as a rat mage puts Sif in his place. (Poor Sif.)

"An Nox!"
"In Vas Mani!" Hermes says as the two mages combo him with poisons and flamestrikes.

"In Vas Mani!" Hermes says and he falls face first into the dirt with Modi and the mystery tamer nowhere in sight.

I wait for his ghost to run off before looting... and the rat mage to my right takes his legs and makes me pay for my hesitation!

(Screw it.)

I dive in and pop his corpse just in time to see the rat mage to my left swindle his chest piece.

I take what I can and still... no Modi, no mystery tamer, and no CoM back-up.

I'm taking everything in sight, not really looking.

I look again and realize this isn't just any armor that I've been blessed with -- it's an entire 100+ luck suit!

I take whatever armor the rat mages left, push through the invisible tamer, and quickly hide to see what's next. (Their move, not mine.)

Lord Arsene of JSV and also of CoM.

(I see you.)

Modi and Arsene make short work of the two remaining, luck-armor-carrying, rats. I move in to complete my new suit and...


Their corpses are gone due to the increased champion spawn decay rate.


I wait around and no one comes.

I head to Humility Gate and wait for their CoM friends.

And still, no one comes.

I wait a few minutes and head back to Umbra Bank to tally up today's haul.

(From Spirituality to Humility indeed!)

Alas, despite my best efforts... his chest and leg pieces are gone forever to Treasure Heaven. They've gone to a better place.

(Poor Sif.)

'Til next time!

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