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Episode 062: WtF? vs. THIEF (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

I try to sleep, but lay in my bed with the sting of defeat fresh in my mouth.

An hour has passed and these new scars still burn... and Cysphr's map still hangs on the wall of the bank, taunting me:

Then it hits me.

"I've got it! It's so simple!"

I run in screaming to the others with a bounce in my step and a strut in my stride. "Everyone meet me at the light house! Trust me!" I tell them.

"Suicidal Run!"

(For some reason they seemed less enthusiastic than I...)

"Is this up for discussion?"


The lone vampire, the forbidden blackrock, my own guild members by the wayside, and an entire encampment of WtF? mining to their heart's content...

...and my Holy Sword in my backpack.

I march the others to the scene of the crime. "I don't want to commit suicide." Smeagol says. *chuckles* Always kidding she is. I lead them through the secret passage from the north, to side-step the blackrock eles that I've gotten to know good & well.

We pause at the pile of harps. This would be our staging ground. They remain silent and ready to move at a moment's notice. I move into position, find Lady Stephanie right where I left her (still calm & collected), and equip my sword.

Tonight it would be us or them.

The plan was simple:

The plan is set, all that's left is the word "GO!" ...when Spock gets overly anxious and springs into action!

I spot him running for his life to the south and I haven't yet given the word! NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!

I look my foe in the eye and swing wildly!

My lethal poison penetrates her vampiric skin! My Holy Sword penetrates the strongest of armors!

"GOGOGO!" I finally belch out. And Smeagol runs into the flame and the game is afoot!

Lady Stephanie is taking a surprisingly long time to take down. How long before they notice my presence? Would I make Stephanie kiss sand before my time was up?? Would the others be able to buy me enough time?? The poison continues to leech her veins and armor ignore after armor ignore I land right between her eyes!

Us or them! Me or her!

I finally fell my foe just as two of her friends come into view.

I would have to act quickly.

One rock! Then another! In my hurry my fingers fumble as they grasp a harp instead of a third!

TekNik arrives from the south as my greedy paws reach in and take one last final rock. Two more remain, but the game was up!

"Vas Ort Flam!" he greets me. I quickly hide and he responds with a Meteor Swarm to the center of my back. I dash to the right, hide again, and await a second volley.

It never comes. He runs off to the south, and I make my way back up the northern ridge.

We suffer heavy casualties but the treasure is ours!

Three pieces of rock safely in my pack. Back at my humble house I distribute the rock and make it official:



Round 2: THIEF

The following morning I head to Haven to trade in my blackrock and claim what's mine.

"Are you like an Atom Ant wannabe?"


I never heard of a thief named "Atom Ant", but I'd like to meet him. Sosaria is a big place but I'm sure our paths will cross soon enough. ^^

Yet... something about Forgeblade strikes me as odd. He looks... different than from last we met. Ah! His regulation WtF? blackrock mining outfit! I wonder where it went?

*ponders some more*

(Now I remember.)

I'll keep this diguise to infiltrate their next mining excursion. They'll never see it coming.

'Til next time!

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