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Episode 296: Welcome to Siege! (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

Public Posting by EM Quantum:
I mentioned it at the meeting the other night I want to host a Monthly “Come Visit Siege Perilous” night. I would like the first of these to be Saturday the 5th of December. All current Siege Perilous Players are asked to attend to assist any new comers that may attend. Siege Perilous is a vastly different place than the standard production shards, our ways, rules, and means of interaction with other players greatly differ. This is a chance to hopefully dispel some of the misconceptions some players have of Siege Perilous, and hopefully bring in a few fresh faces to Siege Perilous. Visitors are asked to meet at the West Britain Counselor’s Guild Hall, aka. The EM Office. This event will last from 8pm EST til, 1 AM EST. 5 Hours for Siege Perilous to show it’s the best shard, come out and do your part to try and give Siege Perilous a Boost! For those of you that play Prodo in addition to Siege Perilous spread the word, send it to your shards forums, get the word out! I will be attending and helping out as I can by providing spot “entertainment”, and meeting with New Comers and Veterans of the Shard a like.

With no event itinerary, there was very little pre-planning that could be done. I didn't know what kind of entertainment Quantum had in mind. More importantly, I didn't know where. Still, I knew it was going to begin at West Britain EM Office and it was going to last 5 hours. I also knew (from previous conversations) that the EMs are shying away from events that only hand out prizes for a select few. If anything was going to be given out, there was going to be a lot of it. These were all the clues I had to work with and they were going to have to be enough. The plan was simple:

Arrive at the event in disguise and keep changing disguises after every steal. The event was 5 hours long and disguises only last for 2. And as always, if you're going to have a multiple personality disorder -- do it right.

Before 5pm PST rolled around, I re-stock the guild supply of Disguise Kits, Hair Dye, and changes of clothing. With the tower fully stocked, I take a set of supplies with me, keep a few sets handy in my bank box, and stash another set around the corner of the EM Office in Britain . I also begin stashing dozens of supply bags at random locations around the world that are "slightly-more-likely" to be used for an event (whatever that means). But there were too many locations to choose from and many (if not all) of them would never be used. As much as I wanted to pre-plan for the event, the truth was that sometimes you just have to wing it.

(They say on Siege that color doesn't matter. You can be red or blue, murderer or innocent, and if people attack you on sight, the decision to attack won't be based on your color. And as much as "color not mattering" on Siege may be true, if you piss off enough people, you're sure to feel their bloody wrath soon or later. I have no doubt that if I stand still long enough, I would be murdered for past disgressions at every stage of the event.)

I arrive as "Kane."

I look like any of the other few mindless rabble: As if I just picked up a few pieces of armor off the ground, without any money and too scared of Siege to carry anything of real value. I'm nothing more than a poorly skilled swordsman with even less skill in parry.

(Nothing to see here. Move along.)

Inspector Gadget: That's the idea.

*squints eyes*

(He seems harmless enough.)

Tonight it was just me and Booglerz (our latest recruit). He attends fully visible with a yellow robe, guild tags, and a friendly (and slightly schemey) smile on his face.

The EM was un-snoopable, the attendees had empty pockets, the town guards were off duty, and the fights begin breaking out right on schedule. (They were mostly JSV [TB], a single KIN [TB], a pair of O-S [Min], and a pair of scrubs [SL].)

Some of the others may have been bothered by the unnecessary chaos, but nothing assists a good steal like an equally good distraction.

(The chaos was good, but their timing sucked. The event was still in the meet-and-greet stage and the attendees still had no valuables. The factioners need to learn how to pace themselves.)

The first few bodies start dropping, I spot the first few items worth looting, and Inspector Gadget has a little troubling keeping up with the action.

The crowd was growing restless, Quantum finally gates to our first mystery destination, and the attendees politely follow his lead.

(The Nujelm Chessboard?)

The town guards were on duty, a make shift arena was crudely built on the chessboard, EM Quantum's pack is now surprisingly snoopable, and I get my first glipse and tonight's prize!

(I see, I see.)

(Not one, not two, but three colors of event sashes.)

*squints eyes*

(They will be mine.)

Quantum gets into his schtick, Booglerz remains diligent, and the sashes remain unstealable from the EM's pack.

(I tried!)

The fights lag behind the crowd, the guard zone bungled the original plan, and a detour is set.

The crowd follows.

(West Moonglow?)

Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

We were coming up on the 1 hour mark and I needed to make something happen. (I didn't want this persona to go to waste.) Yahaxithonix asks if any newbies want to duel an earth elemental and I was all over it.

The restless crowd applauds and with all the pseudo-valor and unmerrited-bravery I can muster, I attempt to cash in.

(All he does is laugh.)

*squints eyes*

(You son of a bitch.)

Bloody Mary steps up next.

Bloody Mary wins the duel, she shows off her prize, and it wasn't a event sash after all!

I eyeball the cloak from her body, navigate my way through the crowd, and wait for Bloody Mary to disrobe.

I go for it first, Booglerz gets in their second, and we both get nothing but air.


(A bag of sending?)

(It was sent to her bank box immediately.)


"You wanna fight Noodnick?"

(I sure do.)

I put on a show with a low level poison spell and a very poor katana. With a little theatrics, a little showmanship, and a little verbal jawing, the crowd goes along with the show.

(I might have gone over the top with the Death Strikes.)

(What can I say? I'm a crowd pleaser.)

(I thank thee.)

(...But this isn't what I signed up for.)

Salron takes the next match and I put on a new face. With my new name (and my event cloak masking my new identity) and go in for the next prize.


Booglerz gets the call for the next match.

I go to drop off the goods and pick up some supplies of my own.

I put on a new face, throw an arcane cloak over my shoulders, pick up an axe, stash some disguising supplies nearby, and arrive at the event fashionably late.

(I don't expect to fool everyone, but I do intend to fool just enough to keep the suspicious ones from accusing me publicly.)

Booglerz throws a shuriken, the crowd takes offense, and soon is fighting more than just his opponent.


(Booglerz was upset.)

Borg takes the next fight and Mr. Silk takes a dirt nap.

(That's my cue.)


I switch faces and go back in.

(What's this?)

(2 Sashes? Since when did he start handing out sashes?)

(Quantum's been holding out on me.)


(I go in for the other.)

*double yoink*

(I'm going to UO Hell and I've already made my peace with this truth.)

(a.k.a. Don't judge me.)

*offended face*

I drop off the goods at the bank and put on a new face yet again. And I return to find the factioners having already made their mark. Through the bread crumbs left behind, I spot a moongate and follow the light.

(I was only 2 hours into the event and there was a lot more thievery to be done.)

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