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Episode 147: I'm a Ferret IRL

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In July of 2008, I finally made the jump from Napa Valley to Siege Perilous. I did this for a couple of reasons. If you couldn't tell from my last 10 or so episodes, I became increasingly disenchanted by what Napa had left to offer (and I think it showed). I re-read my Prologue and... well... I accomplished what I set out to do. It was time for a new goal and it was time to start from scratch. This time I wasn't going to wait around until my skills were nearly finished. On Siege, I'd be stealing while I was training and not letting a little ROT get in the way.

It's different when you're not invincible with top gear, skills, and stats. Following my skill gain will be a theme throughout.

This is where the third chapter of the Mis-adventures begins.

Hail friends,

Years ago I sought out adventure in the farthest reaches of Sosaria. I layed down my burdens, strapped on my thigh high knickers and not before long, I found myself on the sandy beaches of Terra Sanctum.

I sought out adventure once before. I seek it again.

Siege Perilous.

I'm on the edge of the point of no return and... I think I like it. And the more I soak it in, the more I find myself asking myself that one undeniable truth, "What took you so long?"

The un-insured treasures! The weapons! The jewels! The treasures -- DEAR GOD, THE TREASURES!


(But first thing's first.)

I won't be able to impress anyone in my new home walking around on two-legs (like a cave man).

A little patience and a little swaggling & fanagalling later, and I was ready to impress the drunkest (and sluttiest!) of wenches in this strange, new and wonderful land.

I step out into the light with a new found swagger and find Lady a cu sidhe at the gate.

(She wishes she were four-legged.)

A fine jewel. Something I'll be back for later.


(But first thing's first.)

With my spirits high (and my skills at an all-time low), I begin the grind at the bank of Minoc while others come and go and barely notice my presence.

I try to be strict with myself. I try to stay focused...

...but the treasure won't steal itself.

Back to Luna and I wouldn't have to wait long.

Bob Evans of TD has with him a blessed pair of Swords of Prosperity and a suspicious little pouch in the bottom left of his pack.

(Let's take a look.)


Members of KoC and C8V and Gil and TnT zoom back and forth across this high traffic area. With nothing to lose (except my impresssionable wenches) I reach out my paws and take what's mine.

I go grey.

At 61.2 stealing, this 1 stone recipe is proving to be more trouble than I bargained for.

Sir Daniel of KoC pops through the gate and finds himself face-to-face with this grey, little, four-legged creature. Running would do no good. I stand my ground and wait for the shadows to come to me. ...

I fail to hide.

At 82.1 Hiding, I wait for the sting of Sir Daniel's arrow in my four-legged face.


I never comes.



I fail to hide again.

At this point a handful of others have also spotted me in the act... and still... I don't run.

"I'm with him." I tell them all with my body language and we continue to stare each other down. I wait and wait and attempt to hide again.


"What's mine is mine!" I tell them all as I find myself wondering how much a treasure such as this would fetch on Siege. And who better to ask than one of Bob Evan's guildmates?


Bob Evans and the (Mighty?) guild of TD. There is so much I don't know about this place... and there's so much more I've yet to see.

'Til next time!

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