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Episode 227: Do you like my hammer? (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

I've had Legendary Stealing for some time now. For a theme that was a driving force for me (and my stories) ever since I got to Siege, you'd think there'd be a little more of a celebration when I finally mastered the skill. The glorious day my skill in stealing hit 120.0 was a day that came and went without much fanfare at all. But what's the point of celebrating if there's nothing to celebrate? What's the point of "success!" if you had yet to "succeed?" And what's the point of taking note of such an occassion if on that day you had yet to steal anything you couldn't have stolen before?

That day of note is now and Legendary Stealing is as good as advertised.

Back again in the lands of Siege, 'tis a quiet day. A bank sitter here and a naked woman there; nothing out of the ordinary. Chances are that neither one of them has anything of value. I'm not even hidden, but what do I have to lose.


*messes pants*

It seems I've been gone for far too long!

Banksitters sitting with Ancient Smithy hammers in their backpacks?

::shifty eyes::

I get into position.

(I didn't have much time.)

Murron was busy day dreaming and jayden was busy ruining my plans.

I might have gotten away from the banksitter, the naked lady, and a few bankers -- but not a guard.

(They see everything.)

jayden ruins my fun and I'm stuck standing there with the hammer within arms reach, hoping that Murron doesn't wise up and nobody else arrives.

And right on schedule, the thief-hating gargoyle, Mondain arrives.

I wait.


But I can wait no longer.


I hold my breathe... and Mondain flies away.

The perfect crime on an 8 stone hammer!

In the past I'd be shy to take a chance on anything over 4 stones and timid for anything beyond 6. But today my legendary skills finally pay off on something that's worth it's weight in gold.

I share the good news.

"My hammer's better."

*BlackRose takes out better hammer*


*squints eyes*

(So there.)

My man-hood is secure.


'Til next time!

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