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Episode 199: Early morning trespassing and more for me.

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Hail friends,

The sun is barely up and I find myself wandering the dungeons for some ungodly reason. I find some strange folk and scribble down my observations:


...The Keepers of Chaos (K0C)...

...and 10 red candles at the Alter of the Champion.

Now this isn't the first time I've stuck my nose into places it doesn't belong (a.k.a. Depise). This isn't the first time I've spotted K0C at this time of the day. And this isn't the first time I've snooped Forsaken. Sometimes, there wasn't anything worth taking and other times I got caught before the fireworks started.

I make a few rounds only only spot two blue K0C working the spawn.

I find a nice place to perch.

And Barracoon is summoned.

The two wraits park their butts right next time me.

A blessed Map of the Known World and a not-so-blessed Ankh Pendant!

(Interesting... but I wait.)

And someone pops out of the shadow from behind.

Momento wearing a entire suit of cursed artifacts!

Where was TnT? Where was TO?? Where was JSV???

Where was a distraction when I needed it!?

Barraccon hits the floor, no one else shows, and the game was on. Momento takes a few steps up, Forsaken takes a few steps left, and Nym takes a few steps down. The 110 scrolls are discarded on the ground. (Less clutter and work for me).

Momento did most of the work.

I go for Momento first.

Nothing but a 10th Anniversary Sculpture. Tempting, but I didn't come here looking for sculptures. And besides... I've already stolen that before.

(I like stealing new things.)

I move on to the next.

Nym had nothing but that same damn Ankh Pendant and... Forsaken pre-maturely hops through the gate!


I came here looking for a 120 Magery scroll (I can dream, can't I?), but I'll have to settle for the Pendant.

So be it.

These two don't bother checking for hiders, don't bother putting up fields, and I doubt they have anyone waiting for me in the star room or at either ends of the bridge! It can't be that easy... can it?

(It can!)

They both see me, but don't give chase. I hide and go right back... there was a 10th Anniversary Sculpture to be had after all! And if I was lucky, maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- Nym would have run off with his gold, Momento would be daydreaming, and a deadly poisonous shuriken or two would be enough to drop the cursed-arti-wearing Momento where he stands!

(I can dream, can't I?)

But it wasn't meant to be.


I stuff my pockets with 110 scrolls and all the gold I could carry. I make my way out to the empty star room, back my loot, and head right back to filly my greedy paws.

Righty and Krystal run right through and run right past, but it's too little too late.

I take my 2nd helping and go home. All was not lost! They say an Ankh Pendant can fetch 200k on the open market. Back in Barter Town, I put my new found treasure up for sale, rest my eyes, and go to sleep...

--Or at least I would have, but it wasn't meant to be! It looks like I wasn't the only person with trespassing on the brain this morning.

Here I am, trying to re-stock my vendors (with my shiney new pendant that I obtained just moments ago) and Amaru and her two murderous scorpions come trotting into town (like they own the place).

*squints eyes*

I follow close.

Into our eastern border, through the center of town, stopping at the northern border and back down the coast.

(This one just won't leave.)

She stops at the Pawn Shop and I wait while she doesn't buy a thing.

*squints eyes*

(I've seen enough.)

Back in Minoc, she stops. I equip my kryss, prepare a Death Strike, and grab my Fukiya.

1 deadly poisonous dart, 1 Death Strike, and a few lightning bolts later and the town was cleansed of the nothing-to-offer, don't-feel-like-buying, I'm-just-window-shopping, trespasser.

(The worst kind!)

Some LRC gloves, 200 enhanced bandages, and a pouch full of 50 of each reg!

I thank her scropions accordingly, stalk my own vendor for a while looking for potential customers... to try and steal back Nym's Pendant a second time, and call it a day.

'Til next time!

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