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Episode 225: Thief Gate

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Hail friends,

Another typical day at the bank of Luna. Wait a second... it might not be such a typical day after all.

*looks again*

One... two... three... four...!

Now, we aren't the first nor the last thieves to do this trick, but how many times are there four thieves with common goals, loitering around the bank?

"To the gate!" he points to the sky and exclaims with great relish.

Kylar Stern (the recruit), Sweeney (the full member), Red (the one with the pretty dress), and me versus whatever the world throws at us, funnelled through this tiny gate.

(I like those odds.)

Ah, the trap is set.

Now we settle in and wait for them to come to us.

(It seems some settle in more than others.)

(I knew detect would come in handy.)

Some of the others grab some jewels, some of the others grab some regs.

A crowd begins to gather and throw stones.

"Maybe we should hide?"

The treasures come more quickly now.

Some of the locals begin to take notice of the increase of thief infestation around these parts:

Alas, all I have to show for it is an Acid Proof Rope Recipe and few memories. The others made out with better loot.

(I was stuck detecting hidden after all. I had to take one for the team... for the greater good!)

Good times.

'Til next time!

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