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Episode 063: The things I do for one million gold.

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Hail friends,

With blackrock being the latest and greatest thing since running water, there was only one destination that was worth the trip.


A pair of miners working their finely tuned skills. Captain Morgan recalls away, and leaves the other alone in the very old mine.

Surely an elder smith had something to my liking. I creep in slowly. The ore runs out, Ester hops on her beetle, runs into town.


*smells arm pits*

(Nope, it wasn't that.)

I await her return and prepare my dagger once again. Minute after minute passes and she never returns.


I waltz back into town and find Ester leaning her back against the tanners' shop.



I approach from the right. One step after another, until I'm close enough to...


Ah! No blackrock, but a smattering of precious gems!

First the blue diamond, then the fire rubies. Next the dark sapphire, then the perfect emerald. I hide and mere seconds later she pops to life, recalls away...

...still unaware of her missing gems. I bank my loot and scout the rest of this ancient city. I turn the corner and something catches my eye.


I observe my new mark for a moment. He doesn't move a muscle. So I move in and do the only neighborly thing I know how--I warn him of potential thieves! It's true! Thieves are about in the city of Minoc!

*peeks inside pack*

Nothing. It seems mayer is just another underequip youngling that's barricaded himself, shielding himself, from the rest of the very frightening lands of Felucca.

*looks down and spots a puddle of urine*

It's O.K... the Feluccan music make me piss myself too.

*sad face*

I return to the bank and find... mayer?


Not mayer, but his slightly less fugly, better equip counter-part!



These were no mere mortals, they were the legendary mayers brothers! "The Gemini!" as they would be come to be known by their many, MANY, victims.

The slightly less fugly mayer recalls away before I could get a closer look. But things were moving quickly now. If my hunch is right (and it usually is), I halt my thoughts, and race to the town Inn. mayer's name flashes to the left. (It seems my hunch was correct but location was off!)

The slightly more fugly mayer is no where to be seen and the slightly less fugly mayer enters the now empty provisioner's hut.

Things keep getting better and better.

He opens the door, he enters, I follow, and the door slams shut behind us.

And just like that...


The slightly less fugly mayer drops a 9 item bag on the ground and recalls away. In a flash, I swing the door open, shadow jump to the bag, put it in my own pocket, step to the side, and watch the situation unfold.

Confused beyond belief, the slightly more fugly mayer runs off to the inn and the slightly less fugly mayer returns once again. Hoping to unfold this complex puzzle.

Smelling more to be had, I move in.

Ah! So there were treasures to be had after all! But not here. For the same reason I didn't act before. There were just too many pairs of eyes giving me the stink eye. The slightly less fugly mayer skitters to the inn to meet his better half.

He drops a rune on the ground.

"The Forest West of Cove" it's labeled. Out of habbit I snatch it without thinking... but to what end? I take the rune, recall to the foresty location... and then what? Without a rune for mayer to follow, there would be no treasure to be had. I drop it back on the floor.

mayer picks up the rune and gallops away...

What's that? A trammel rune you say? Why yes! There is one so thoughtfully provided in my new found pouch. ^^

"Kal Ort Por!" and I'm off.

Ah! The House of Gemini itself! It's location set in an undisclosed location until now! I take a look around, check the security of his containers (thieves I tell you!), and make myself comfortable. And just like that. We meet again.

I choose my position correctly! He wanders too close, my hand reaches out to his pack once more and... and...

"You cannot perform negative acts on your target."

...fucking trammel.

Alas, my adventure ends here. I spot a message board and thank The Gemini for their generous donation:

I leave the 1300 bandages on his house steps and still my curiousity steers my actions on last time. A malas rune? Sure, why not?

Good to be back.

'Til next time!

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