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Episode 125: I spy with my little Eye.

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Hail friends,

A glorious day awaits! Let's jump right in shall we?

A bored contingent of KOS ammuse themselves at Yew Gate. Cal Naughton Jr and captJon spar each other in circles. Nicholas says "hello" to Krafti with a magic arrow and they get into it. And me? I take my time snooping these blues as they wait for a red to pop up.

The action is down, their guard is down, and I find what I'm looking for in the pockets of Chocolate Kisses of Pwnr.

An Eye of Travesty!

A treasure of great value. A treasure only gotten from defeating the Peerless boss itself. A treasure of treasures!

The shake off the goo of KOS's boredom that's been creeping up on me this entire time. (Chocolate Kisses was standing there this entire time and was the last I snooped.)

I shake it off, crack my knuckles, and I'm off!

The four others must have noticed... but didn't care for the non-guilded bystander. No one gives chase and it's a good thing too. My movements were sluggish and my reactions slow. It sometimes happens at this time of day (and around certain people).


I pleasure myself (sexually!) with my new found item.

I stash my sex toy in the bank, wash my hands, rinse my genitals, get the image of naked Chocolate Kisses out of my head, and crack my back. (Those positions are harder to get into than it sounds...!) I was in no position for anything too stressful. I barely got away from the gate. But where would I go?

I decide to right the wrongs of the past and clear my good name! And where do sane people go to clear their name after it's been dragged through the mud my imaginary name-draggers...?

To Heartwood, of course!


I had my fun here not too long ago. I left with a smile on my face despite my empty pockets. I was determined to end up with a different outcome this time around (and break a few hearts in the proccess if the situation presents itself).

I find a pair pack animals filled with boards towed by a pair of conceited wraiths.


(They think they're better than me.)



(Look at them.)

*pumps fist*

With nothing but an uninsured monk's robe to be seen from afar, it was time to get a closer look.

(I test their passive reveal.)

(I pass the test.)

I target w'o'w first. And with a backpack full of quest bags to look through, I hit payday on the second bag.

Ah, a Bird Slayer talisman.

I check my surroundings again.

A pair of wraiths and a pair of elves. Four pairs of conceited eyes watching their conceited treasures.

I reach in...

...and take his conceited talisman.


He doesn't notice a thing while his beetle runs on empty. He leaves me with his unsuspecting friend as he goes to restock on boards.

No time like the present. I creep forward just a little more.

I find an entire unsuspecting pack filled with even more unsuspecting quest bags. I take my time, sure not to miss any, and go through them systematically.

w'o'w returns and parks his ass right where he left. (Still warm.)

And it just happens to be within arms reach of me. I sit back and wait for the treasure to come to me.


(Damn, I'm good.)



*sticks conceited nose in the air*

john soon runs out of wood and gives me an exit that didn't involve a hallwhack to the head. (And gives me an out that doesn't blow my cover so I can return again.)

I take the exit.

The only thing they ever here is the pitter patter of my tiny feet walking away with their treasure.

Content with my loot, I return home and add today's treasures to my ever growing museum of self congratulations.

*looks around*

*humps Eye of Travesty*

(Don't judge me.)

'Til next time!

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