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Episode 191: Follow the Bunny Ears

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Hail friends,

WavY GrAvY: Chad.
WaVy GrAvY: I just stole an evil dyed bracelet from Speedy Claxton.

*ears perk up*

I gather my belongings and I'm off!

*game face*

Luna was popping with all kinds of people from all corners of Siege. K0C, TnT, JSV, TO, and GIL were all having their fun... (And without me!)

I waste no time in searching for so-called WaVy's so-called evil dyed treasures.

(If that is your real name)


Nothing too exciting. But I wouldn't have to wait long before my excitment level equalled my curiosity.

Even with two thieves on the hunt, Luna was a big place.

"Ouside east gate." I says.
"South inside walls." He says.
"At the gate. Now at the bank." I says.
"East again." He says.

We're both running in circles trying to catch up, but it was a mobile fight. But then again, outside the east gate, I find two TnT taking on the lone Gerbiler that's found himself secluded from his friends.

He runs around in circles... or is he? He's not running.

(He was just waiting to even the odds.)


Ah, my old friend from Moonglow.

(She always carries the best of gear.)

Poisoned and then dismounted, it wasn't looking good for bunny-ear-wearing Righty.

(This wasn't going to take long.)

Righty drops, Mystique loots, Strangelove attacks, and Gerbiler has her back. Chances are all the best stuff is already in Mystiques pack. Chances are, Mystique and Gerbiler wouldn't be too happy to see me poking my face around their loot.

Chances were not good.

I decide to go straight to the source and dive into Mystique's pack.

"An Ex Por!" she says, but does not chase.


From Righty to Mystique, from Mystique to me. I claim victory!

With the bunny ears still in my pack, I do that cardinal sin of looting, and head back in before it's safely stashed.

(What can I say? I like shiney things.)


The Gerbiler goes down and I dig in.

I even find an oddly marked bag... but I doubt it's message was for me. ^^

Back up TnT arrive from the south and push the fight north... and leave me all alone...

...with some very nice pants!

Down and back up again, I take one last peek before I pull myself away from the shinies, head to the bank and finally put away my bunny ears.

I head back out but they've moved on. I get regular reports from WaVy about their wearabouts, but decide to do a second sweep across the field for forgotten treasures.

I pocket the 20 smoke bombs, enchanted apples and potions and move on to the south.

(Looks like that's all there is to be had.)

Back to the bank where the bunny ear wearing HaHa of K0C is waiting for me.

But Speedy interrupts our very civil conversation.

What did he want?

I guess we'll never know.


Back on the hunt for even MORE bunny ears...

2v1 and me right behind... but they're too fast and I lose them shortly.

Back to the bank and WaVy shows me treasures of his own:

All-in-all, between the very useful smoke bombs, semi-useful supplies, very runic leggings, non-so-runic arms, gloves, and helm... (oh yeah, and the bunny ears), it was a very profitable night!

'Til next time!

::Originally Posted by WaVy GrAvY::

Greetings, I know most of you aren't really familiar with me, but I hope that changes. I want to be Notorious, Infamous, known far and wide as a low down dirty, stinking, shady eyed, weaselly, no good rotten scoundrel. In other words I want to live a life of loose women, and looser purse strings. Of adoration by those who want to be like me, and jealousy of those who've failed in that attempt. Of those that cross my pass I want one thing....


But First things First and that means I need some skill.....and to test the waters as it were.

Enter Speedy Claxton of [GIL]

He's a PvPer, no doubt and brings in his share of the swag, and I mean part of that swag to be mine.

Preparing for the Guard Wack that surely awaits my feeble skills I browse his pack in search of something different, something interesting.

A Evil dyed Bracelet...not a outstanding bracelet but Evil Dyed items aren't overly common. I had to have it and reached in slowly......butt cheeks clenched.......

Success!! and it seems the guards in Luna have either a soft spot for me or they were distracted else where (I'm thinking it's the cute tailor...)

To be fair though I have to thank him for his donation, as how else am I to get regarded as Infamous if no one ever knows of my Exploits?

May this be a beginning to a long and glory filled future!

'Til next time!

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