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Episode 123: A lesson in taming.

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Changed from the wild or savage state; domesticated

I find myself at the Jhelom Farms once again. Much time has passed since my last visit. And instead of a trio of twitchy dueling mages (powered with speedy herbal remedy) I find a single harmless tamer moving in slow motion from domesticated bull to domesticated bull.

I take a closer look.

And his boring pack is even less exciting than his boring face. Some spellweaving scrolls, some clean bandages, and some elven pants is all I find. With nothing to do, I decide to entertain myself by relieving him of his belongings.

But there has to be more to it than this.

I try to get his attention.

He ignores me.

For someone who spends all the time in the shadows, I find myself strangely neglected when I truely feel invisible...

*waves arms around and tries to get Mc Crack's attention*



I take it.

I take it all.

But to what end?

The scrolls... not so valuable by themselves, but I can put them to use myself. It wasn't a total loss. But there was no glory in this...! I contemplate murdering the slow-motion elf...

...but I doubt he'd notice.

*single tear*

I return shortly after and find a second chance to feed my inner attention whore.

SummerWind of the US Marshals! Surely a marshal would have a thing or two to say about my presence (or keep in her peace keeping backpack).

I dance the dance a second time and cross my fingers.



Nothing except some runebooks and a few single runes...

(...I spot one that catches my interest.)

(Maybe my luck was about to change.)

I introduce myself and fumble the steal.

(Maybe it wasn't.)

I keep her busy while I wait to steal again.

And then I redeem myself.


I wipe the lethargic sludge that's been clogging my sinuses and rid myself of this place! Like a breath of fresh air I step away from the farms and the tamers and the treasure-less packs that anger me in all the wrong ways. Like a ray of shiney hope. Like being injected with a hint of danger. Like a shot of adrenaline of not knowing the unknown at the end of this tunnel!

Anywhere will do!

Anywhere but here is all I need to get me out of this funk that I've been stuck in.

"Kal Ort Por!" I say with a smile on my face and a tingle in my balls.

A castle open to the public filled from wall to wall with the rarest of the rare... or a squad of tamers waiting for curious thieves waiting in position with their dragons at their backs -- for death or for glory, it matters not. Anywhere is better than here!

"THAT'S HOW IT ENDS!?" they yell at me while they throw haterade in my face.

"THAT'S HOW IT ENDS." I say as I throw my hands up in disgust.

When was my last great steal? What was the last great treasure that I held in my hands? Some blackrock? A 10th Anniversary Statue? It feels so very long ago and it seems that most of my recent plans fall apart right when victory is ever so close.

Was I taming the tamers... or were they taming me?

These thoughts disturb me to no end.

*sips haterade*

'Til next time!

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