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Episode 146: Confessions of an Amateur pk

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**Note: My very first kill within the first few months of UO. It was all downhill from there.

A bright and beautiful morning. The sun was out. The birds were chirping. There was no doubt about it, blood was in the air. Myself and two other valiant warriors strapped on our boots and sharpened our blades. Our skills were moderate but our courage high. To Dungeon Covetous we march.

"Just a harmless band of warriors, itching to slay a few harpies." We tell ourselves, and hope others will see the same. We reach our destination, chug our Night Sight potions, and step inside.

Our krysses and broad swords clinched in hand as we dodge sporatic pillars of fire. Yet the trek was worth it, our anticipation will not go unfounded--our prey already there, willing and waiting.

It appeared to be a pair of warriors, a grandmaster warrior and his apprentice. The older man giving tips and answering questions as politely as possible. They were busy on the far left of the room as we tackle a harpy on the right.

With our party chat on, we discuss our plan of attack. None of us had ever done anything like this before. Maybe in self-defense taken too far, or a spur of the moment, but never methodical. Never planned. We try to act as casual as we possibly can. They see us, we see them. I'm sure the elder warrior is suspcicious of us, but knows that any one of us going toe-to-toe with him would be a quick dirt nap. We were no match for him. The other warrior, safe in the comfort of the other's presence. We had to be the perfect moment and it had to be fast. Our night sight wears off and we pass around another round of drinks. We make our way to the center of the room.

"The one on the left is at half-life." I say in party chat--WAIT! I said that aloud!

My hear skips a beat. My friend undoubtedly noticed too, as we continue to battle the harpies. The warriors on the other end of the room continue to kill harpies as if they hadn't noticed. First one. Then another. I knew it had to be soon or we would miss our opportunity. My mistake would cost us and we would go home empty handed. Then they both spoke in unison,

"Kal Ort Por!"

The elder quickly dissapears. The other... fizzles!

The other two are hesitant so I lead the charge! With my sword clentched and with all my might I lunge at my foe as he attempts to re-cast the spell! My steel meets his flesh, blood drips from his shoulder, and his magical incantation is unsuscessful. He side-steps to make some distance to attempt his spell again, but my companions have joined the fight. We're swinging wildly now. Our hearts racing. And as quickly as it started, it was now over. His lifeless body on the floor of the cave.

We loot his body clean and I place his clothes next to his now naked body, to show his body in shame. And at the edge of my screen we see the name of the elder warrior re-entering the cave. We scramble.

All three of trained in the arts of hiding, but were no means masters at the skill. I hide behind some rocks to the north, the others run deeper into the cave to the south. He had obviously saw my name as well because he was shouting all kinds of obscenities in the air. I may have been invisible, but he knew I was there. Back and forth he paced around the cave, touching every inch of the cave. He would find me sooner or later so I had to think fast. As he past me to the left I made a break for it.

I ran as fast as I could, out of my cover of darkness, out around behind the rocks, my night sight fails me as I dodge the pillars of fire leading outside once again. He is 10 steps behind me running keeping pace with every move I make. I run into the brush, zig-zagging my way outside his field of vision. And as soon as I am, I hide again. He gets closer and closer. Close enough to touch. But brushes past me. He begins shouting obscenities once again. To the south, east, and west. I sprint back north, now prepared with a recall rune, I make some distance and recall just in time.

I find my friends already at Minoc bank. We sift through our underwelming loot by any standards--except for today's standards. For today, the items might as well have been crafted of pure gold. It was priceless.

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