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Episode 214: Naked Ladies and Bottles of Ale

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Hail friends,

Ah, my two favorite things in life. Where do we start this adventure of mystery and mayhem...?

The public boards, of course!

Public Posting by Kelmo, UO Stratics Siege Perilous Moderator:
Meet and Greet, Kelmo's Pub Sunday Eve

Around 7ish central. Storytellers, jugglers and clowns are welcomed. Keep the gun fights outside please. Street fighting is OK though. I would hope it is friendly...

More details later.

::Later Comes::

Public Posting by Kelmo:

Yes, Miranda. It is the same place. My ole pub Just west of Gravewater Lake.

And Pwn. That is exactly what I am talking about! I hope you find some one to play chess with. Checkers are also available. *nods* I even have one of those silly mongbats you throw daggers at I think...

Ah, a date, time, and location.

(Just the way I like it.)

A few days pass, the eve of the Meet & Greet is upon us, and... I forget to make the appointment!

Here I am, slumming around in a Britannian invasion, trying to loot newly deceased K0C...

...And I'm missing all the fun!

I get the message from Sweeney, drop what I'm doing, and make my way to the faerie infested, thief unfriendly, forests of Malas.

I'm off!

So many people, one other invisible thief, and a gate blocking my path.


The dead man's 100% LRC... my newly purchased Necro Book (for a different, unrelated, covert op)..., and the circumstances to in which to use them both...! (There's always a plan, you just need to step back a listen to the pattern.)

*takes out necro book*



Back again, and this time, with no worries of tripping over anybody.

I wait.

And just like that.

My prayers are answered.

The NEW Jerk enters and me... right behind.

(Don't you like it when a plan comes together?)

And then the massive amounts of snooping begins.


There he is sipping is Ale.

(I wonder if he shares EM Alcor's inhuman inviso-vision?)

(I guess not.)

Beatrix Evangela the Guard.

I check her pack but, Sweeney already beat me to the punch.

*pumps fist*

Empty. All empty.

15 minutes pass.

A new arrival finally comes with a pack full of loot, and...

--A shuriken flies out of nowhere, dropping the horse outside!

(Damn you, Sweeney.)

The crowd grows restless. The crowd grows uneasy.

--And the home owner finally detects for trespassers!

(Look what you did.)

Before I go, I leave them a message they all know to be true.

(Truth hurts.)

Ah, my work here is done.

Sweeney recounts the daring (and sexy!) tale of our latest crime:

Beatrix Evangela's own Dupre Shield?

I chalk this one up as a win.

Public Posting by Kelmo:
To be honest... It was better than I hoped. I had folks popping in for almost three hours. We did not even get into the party games I had planned. I was the only one to tell a boring story. I did see a chuckle or two. I will write my own next time...

It was very nice to see the place packed. Some might find it annoying that so many were typing, it almost made me cry. We were close to standing room only.

Special visitors made an appearance... Some one killed some horses. *frowns* Some one has to clean that mess up. Ian of Gil lost that role...

Look for more of these kind of gatherings. I spoke with several folks and the pub crawl will become a regular thing. One night it might be my place another it will be in old Shire town. Safe Haven and Gilfane also expressed interst in hosting social gatherings

You folks do know there is more to this game than killing each other and trashing items? *winks*

Thank you Siege. It was a wonderful evening.

(Date, time, and location. That's all I ask.)

'Til next time!

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