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Episode 215: Two times the thievery.

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Hail friends,

So I'm walking around Sosaria, minding other people's business, when I see the most unusual of sights!

Lady a cu sidhe of LOW?

Sweet, merciful, murderous, larcenous god among gods! Could it be? Spawners actually in Despise?

A very rare sight to see (these days). For over a month now, I've made regular stops in this dungeon. Usually finding nothing. Sometimes finding leftover gold. And always finding self-loathing, despair, and "What's the point of it all?" conversations with myself and a razor blade... but no more!

If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. The slimes were out and I had plenty of time. I leave, succeed at finding some smoke bombs at home, fail at finding orange petals on the local vendors, pick-up my invisibility sash from my bank box, and return in a flash.

Rats and wolves.

A slow pace. There wouldn't be many of them.

At it looks like they've been at it for a while.

It's funny. The Scrolls of Transcendence are one of those things, like the Scrolls of Alacrity before them. They aren't new items and they've been around for a while. They're fairly common drops and they fetch a good amount of gold pieces, considering their effect. I've been sitting back and waiting for them to come to me.

I can wait. It isn't a big deal.


I lied.

I've been looking for one of them for ages. And the god among gods has blessed me this day.

(Haven't you been paying attention?)

(Where was I?)

(Ah, I remember.)

I drop the goods at the bank, make a Sosarian U-turn, tell Sweeney the good news, and return with twice as many thieves.

At this point, I'm still wondering if any others are going to join the party. So far it's just the two of them and the two of us.

Now at hell hounds & mages, Sweeney decides to drop some EV's and swindle a replica for free.

I do the same.

Still no others (and with Lady a cu sidhe with nothing but a 7 stone virtue armor piece), we play the waiting game. Who will be victorious and who will go home in shame? Who will have wasted their time and who will get the last laugh?

I wait.

And watch.

(Ares of DOPE?)

He/she flashes to my bottom left. I take a closer look, but they're gone again.

(But are they friend or foe?)

Gold is everywhere and it all comes down to this.

"An Ex Por!" says Sprago.

I want to detect, but Sweeney is busy shuttling the rest of the gold.

I get in close.

Lady a cu sidhe has nothing. Sprago pops out of hiding, runs to the gate on the alter like she has something to hide, and I give chase. I leave the gold, the 115 Discord, and anything else I've missed to Sweeney. (Looks like it was a two man job after all.)

"If I were Sprago, where would I be?"

I flash into Luna, thinking she might be careless.

She wasn't and drop into Umbra with no time to spare.

"West Umbra" she says.

Sprago had a secret, Lady a cu sidhe was on foot, and the chase was on!

Two steps out of reach, with her backpack ready to be popped, they dash to the north west across the bridge.

And then... it all slips away.



I snoop around a little longer, hoping to get a little lucky. I leave the private house. I leave one mystery treasure and... find myself face-to-face with another mystery treasure for the taking.

Ares of DOPE.

Fresh from a spawn... and in a hurry.

I see what I like and don't waste any time.

Just a 110 Anatomy, but there was something else I liked.

In the end it was a decent haul. Between the two of us, the loot included:
  • 115 Veterinary Power Scroll
  • 0.8 Spirit Speak Scroll of Transcendence
  • 115 Discordance Power Scroll
  • 140k Gold Pieces
  • 1 Ankh Pendant
And memories that will last a lifetime.

'Til next time!

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