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Episode 152: Two different, yet equally intriguing truths.

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Hail friends,

I present to you two different, yet equally intriguing truths:
  1. First impressions are a funny thing. They only happen once.

  2. The thieves of a thousand nations now decend upon Siege (or something equally ominous). Locke, hailing from the shard of Atlantic is its latest addition and meets with me at an undisclosed location. He arrives and walks into view.

Put those two truths together and you get something that goes like this:

Chad Sexingotn: Noob.
Chad Sexington: --->
Chad Sexington: !
Locke: *cries*


After getting my daily ROT gains, we continue our adventure at Luna bank. I won't get into the details but... needless to say, snowballs were involved. Some pointing. Some laughing.

I cried.


"Saucey Wench!" Locke yelps out as he spots a red gate.

He dives in.

I follow.



Myon of NWS was today's victim. Locke's skills are even lower than mine. He makes first contact and I move into a flanking position.

Locke keeps him busy and I take position behind his very blue beetle.

7200 points worth of Spring Cleaning Tickets.

I like what I see.

I make my first jab and even with my recent training, I fail to be unnoticed on the 1 stone scroll.


My cover is blown and Myon is no fool.

He dashes to the side, looks at my direction as I duck into the ally, summons a gate and is gone.

Locke follows closely.

I remain.

Myon gives Locke the double fake but he's not too smart.

He returns to give me a second chance (or at least a second look).

His pack?


He leaves and my frustration with ROT and my low Stealing skill grows.

"I've stolen more than you've ever dreamed!" I mentally yelp out to him.

He gives me a look that says it all:

Myon: Noob.
Myon: <---
Myon: !
Chad Sexington: *cries*

Locke returns from half way around the world.

(I keep my shame to myself.)


'Til next time!

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