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Episode 179: Daily contributions by Gilfane.

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Hail friends,

I'll keep today's adventure short and sweet. Gilfane's never ending contributions towards the Chad Fund for World Domination is both as appreciated as a loving mother and as inappropriate as a creepy uncle.

(An unstable and unhealthy situation!)

Today's mini-adventure may be short and sweet, but there is a point of mine that's being made.

Suiron Silvrmoon!

I find myself in the heart of the Gilfane lands (a.k.a. enemy territory).

I also find Suiron killing vampire bats for (obviously) some unnecissarily good and just purposes (a.k.a. boring puroses.)

Suiron stands still to loot and I creep forward.



Up until this point, I've yet to find myself in need to actually pay for my own power scrolls. I've had my share of free Stealing and Magery scrolls so far. Ninjitsu was the only scroll that's escaped me thus far.

It was time to remedy the situation.

In no need of banking any loot (and with Suiron not giving chase), I head right back.

After a few feeble attempts to cast "Wis Quas!" on a person with Hiding and Stealth, he heads into one of the very good and just Gilfane houses.

I follow. But the hunt (if you can call it that) is over before it begins.

I thank Suiron for the much needed scroll, thank Gilfane for welcoming me to their very nice town, and leave them all to their very good and just ways!

'Til next time!

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