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Episode 071: 3v1 at the Jhelom Farms.

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Hail friends,

Not in any rush to find my next adventure, sometimes adventure comes to me. I look for a quiet corner of the world to gather my thoughts and to weep incessantly.

(Don't let them see you cry, Chad.)

*wipes away womanly tear*


A duel? For me?

I cry out the last of my cry, and put my man-pants back on. (Game time!) Hm... two FOO members. A friendly duel perhaps? Which means they'd be here for a while. All the better for me.

I circle around back (knowing better than to use the front door), take a deep breathe, and focus. For the next few moments, every action, every step, and every second would be critical.

I take a few steps forward and they come to me.

So there were three (And one more on the way.)

I get lucky and dodge the wall of stone.

(One tile back and my cover would have been blown.)

I target Kubla Kahn first.


Nothing but a ball of summoning linked to his pet chicken.

I adjust my man-pants and head back into the fire. One down, two to go, and all the time in the world. I circle around clock-wise.

It seems Kubla Kahn & Deaths Betrayal were next to duel, Si Foo was the cheerleader, and I was the wrench to ruin their fun.

We all play our parts.

The cheerleader was alone (and particularly bouncey tonight. ^^)

The wall of stone cast. Their attention distracted. I make my move.


Nothing but a spell channeling war fork in desperate need of repair.

Two down, one to go, and time stands still once more.

(Back around to the east.)

--And Kubla Kahn goes down!

"An Corp" Deaths Betrayal says! Now is the time! Now I would make my move!

I miss my chance, I was not set, and Si Foo & Kubla Kahn prepare to dance again. The lich waits off the the side to the north. Something is wrong, Si Foo is not set, and Deaths Betrayal takes his place.

I circle back to the south.

"In Sanct Ylem!" he says. They prepare their spells and their addrenaline rises... as does their tunnel vision. The wall drops and I take advantage.



But he doesn't stand still... The battle wages back and forth. One moment the lich is one careful step away and the next across the farm. I'd have to wait for the battle to be over when the addrenaline rush is over, and their senses begin to crash.

Deaths Betrayal seems to be winning! (No quick loot needed from me.) Si Foo's strength begins to dip while I change back to human form and circle one last time.

This was it! This was the end!

The finale of this event would be over soon, however it may end. Will I slip? It wouldn't be the first time. Or would I be victorious?

I didn't come here for nothin'

--And my man-pants begin to sag! My man-hands become sweaty! My man-fingers begin to twitch! The lich changes into human form and I stand here daydreaming missing my perfect opportunity! He climbs his mount and the newly rezzed dead man regains his composure.

(I didn't have much time.)

Deaths Betrayal just won't sit still.

Some kind of herbal rememdy quickens his movements. Back and forth, up and down, forwards and backwards, I can barely keep my eyes on him. He circles around once and pauses briefly three steps away to my right. A second time, two steps to my left. A third, two steps in front. A fourth time and this time just one step away!

I chance it, I risk it, and I make my move.

One step, one steal, and one "Rel Por" later. And the fence might as well have been a moat 50 feet wide.


And thus, I leave the master duelists confounded, dumbfounded, and checking their journals.

(I thank thee and goodnight!)

*looks around*

*doesn't see anyone*

*weeps incessantly*

'Til next time!

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