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Episode 232: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 4 of 12)

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Hail friends,

The month that would pass was an involuntary break from the action. It wasn't as if I didn't want to go after them. It was a self-imposed quota of time, designed to lull them into a false sense of security. It was a self-imposed reality check, designed to keep me from jumping the gun once more.

It was like clockwork. Every few mornings I'd get up at 4:00am and head out the gate of Yew and check the perimeter of the Abbey looking for leftover 110 power scrolls littered the roof. Every few mornings I'd get up at 3:00 and check what times the first gates would open. And each subsequent morning, I'd narrow down my window of opportunity and add my findings to my notes.

(No, you're a stalker.)

I knew exactly where they'd be and what time they'd be there. I had the rune to the rooftop and the keys to the castle.

...but still. It didn't change the fact that a thief was spotted in their midst. It didn't change the fact that their guard would be up, at least for the next few weeks. And it didn't change the fact that every morning, they'd be detecting for me before bringing in the good stuff.

(That's what I'd do anyway.)

1 month.

I give myself 1 month to wait and to practice the patience I preach. I count down the days and the eve of the big day finally comes. The night before I slap on some necromancy skill jewelry and change into Wraith Form. I didn't want them bumping into me (like last time). I gate to the roof and grab my sash of invisibility.

(This time I'd do it right.)

I get into position and get some shut eye. I had my window of opportunity narrowed down to 3:55am and I was sticking to the plan. 3:55 comes and... I wake not a moment too soon!

The mingling had already begun and my time table was off!

I see a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones. (But we're quickly becoming close friends.)

The ground loot (to be rolled for?) was already on display.

Hoffs and becca were taking charge just like they always do.

Hoffs manages the crowd and I take my time.


Hoffs passes out everyone's share of gold.

--And I gladly take my cut.

I already eyed what I wanted (and their backpacks were empty), so in one motion I scoop up what's mine and exit stage left.


The plan worked beautifully. It wasn't the greatest of loot, but it didn't matter. I came, I watched, and I stalked, and none of them were the wiser. None of them knew I was even there. And none of them would see me coming the next time.

I spread the love with my guild and this adventure is finally paying off.

And yet... I dare not tell any one of them where the scrolls were coming from. GIL was funding our future potential and I keep my mouth shut. This was a one man job if I ever saw one. There were so many holes that could sink my plans (and some fatal flaws that should have ended this much sooner) but I was going to milk this as long as humanly possible.

They take the scrolls and I just smile. They all knew something was up, I just couldn't say what. In fact, they're finding out about this, just as your are now -- right now. I'm finally able to spill my guts on the page and I'm just getting started.

...it would be another week before I'd pick up right where I left off.

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