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Episode 099: I must consider my sins.

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Hail friends,

Oh, what glorious treasures this world has to offer!

Yet, these blood soaked paws grow tired... but there's one more thing I must do. This may be my last great adventure. One last tale worth telling. And by my life or death, I'd be going out in a blaze of glory if I had anything to say about it.

...and then I can rest.

This tale start at the crack of dawn in a city that has treated me well.


Travisty of the Quantum Realm, still hazey-eyed, conducts his business at the bank. With no one else in sight, I circle around back, and take a closer look.

And find some powder of translocation!

I sniff the smelly one, I sense no trickery from a steal made so easy, and I make my move.

Three attempts to take the entire stack of powder... and three times I remain unnoticed!

I stop and check again at his belongings. Some potions, some bandages and an empty bag is all he carries.

I check yet again.

A mighty kryss!

(At 2 stones, it was mine for the taking.)

And here at The Turn, I find myself faced with a moral and ethical dilemma!

With my newly poisoned kryss, I have every intention to murder him with his own weapon... but surely, the town crier standing right there would never let me get away with it!

What to do?





I let the afternoon sun burn bright and wait 'til dark.

(Let the games begin.)

Back in the city, I find none other than the well dress tailor still with his very full beetle that has met my shuriken before!

And still with nothing but piles upon piles of exotic cloth to offer. With so many BODs and so many rewards, he was sure to turn up something of value soon. I sit tight with my kryss at the ready just in case...

...when he mounts his beetle and shouts out "Kal Ort Por!"


"If I were a tailor, where would I be?" I ask the genie summoned from the magic lamp stuffed down my pants.

"...k-kill...m-me..." is all he responds.


"Always joking you are." I tell the very funny genie as I stuff him back in my pants and leave him there for the rest of my days. His riddles were cryptic, but I know him well!

"Skara Brae was the answer!" I yelp out with a cheer!

The genie was helpful and the tailor was waiting -- but they both had to wait.


Sitting atop his stallion with a pack llama in tow by his side. Naked and alone (and outside of guardzone no less).

I get in close, as he disarms his staff... and that familiar feeling begins to boil once more. The rage begins to build my vision becomes narrow. My fingers begin to itch and my kryss becomes heavier. I step to his side and... I take one last look.

*shits pants*

This was the glory! This is what was promised to me! Oh, happy days have come this day (and many more are sure to follow!).

And the feeling is forgotten!

I grab. I snatch. I take while I can!

"Did he see me? Did he suspect?" the questions I ask as I bank my new pants!

And the kryss in my pack beckons again. A great steal, but what a waste to leave this weapon of war un-used. I go back to my new victim (with his very nice gloves).

The naked man would drop fast, but he may have friends on the way.

I mount my stead, ready my poison, and finish the job I already started.


--I stop my victory dance short.

(There was still more to be done.)

His steed heads south towards the healers. With my pockets full, I give chase to satisfy my curiosity (and ego!).


I go back to the scene of the crime and find the calvalry has finally arrived, but he's much too late.

But through it all, there must be a purpose. Finding these leggings here today was no random chance. Through all the clues and through all the riddles -- was this the blaze of glory I seek? Was this really the end of the road??


With my genie weeping uncontrollably there was only one other to turn to!

Chad Sexington: *poke*
Unknown: yo

Unkonwn: I hope you enjoy your murder count.

"I do!" my mind responds as his every word strokes my ego. I keep his leggings, I keep his gloves, I keep his jewelry, and I return the rest.


I consider my treasure and I consider my sins. And it's worth it every time.

'Til next time!

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