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Episode 281: Arrr! There Be Booty! (Part 3 of 3)

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Hail friends,

And here I thought the adventure was over. I cleared my conscience and wiped my hands of the whole affair and it keeps pulling me back in. (Affairs will do that to you sometimes.)

Public Posting by Luka Melehan:
No, this is indeed seige and things like this happen. I have had worse things said to me on these forums, and i am just a reporter. All that is happening here is asking for a couple special things returned. Things that are important to more than just the one who was carrying them. I personally enjoy the theives. Chad really shook things up a little the other night when we were hunting turkeys and it was fun. Believe I said as much in another thread.

(The already thick plot thickens even more.)

Well... if they insist accusing a thief of commiting crimes he didn't commit and rallying against the innocent thief (clearly missing my previous posting), I might as well play the part. I wipe away my previous message and scribble down a new one. (I also temporarily wipe away the first two parts of this story on this site. The first two parts were already up at the time of my first message.)

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
I'll give them all back to you for free for a book placed in my mailbox that states you're very sorry for trespassing and you'll never hunt turkeys in Barter Town ever again...!

(I wait.)

Public Posting by Se'an Silverfoot:
Much appreciated Chad, not that I was hunting anything, hell I don't think I even had a bow on me. But apologize I will. I'll have someone show me wehre Bartertown is, as we left Minoc in ship and we died at sea. I will get in game tonight. Like I said I have no worries about anything except those statues and stone. Look for the book sometime this eve.


*hops outside*


(What's this?)

*notices flag go up*

*pops open mailbox*

*shits pants*

*cracks open book*

(Apology accepted!)

Unfortunately for them, I have nothing to offer in return. (I tried to tell them.) Fortunately for me, I am the villain of today's adventure and on behalf of the entire Misfit Alliance, I count the million gold check as payment for the deceased Barter Town turkeys from the previous invasion.

Alls I wanted was the book.

(I swear!)

Needless to say, I'll be needing new underpants, yet again.

(I suggest they check their pockets and double-check their houses for their belongings. I never had their blessed statues and missing guildstone. I didn't have it before and I don't have it now.)

'Til next time!

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