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Episode 031: So much to steal, so little time.

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Hail friends,

Love is in the air!

I drag myself to Luna Bank one last time before I call it a night, but the quibbles of young lovers has caught my attention.

"You're naked and I'm naked. Let's have SEX!" Worker, the dashing young man says. This one really knows how to melt the ladies. And with any other lady it may have worked, but not this time.

"Did you page a GM?"
"I'm 2nd in line."
"Take him to fel."
"Let's go to fel."

Was the response from the crowd. They march to the moongate...

...and so did I.

Mike of iLL & Xena of CAF lead the way. Worker appears but strangely disappears from sight. Time was of the essence. I work as fast as I can, for time would not be on my side.

Xena to my right, Mike to my left, and their rage & confusion for all the world to see. A magificent bokuto, a sorcerer's bracelet, and a butcher knife within arms reach. Prying eyes and the town guards within shouting distance. Mongbat's behind me and no time left as they make their way back through the gate!

Choices. Decisions. All the patience in the world. It all comes down to this and have no time left!

In my panic I grab the bracelet.

Was it the right decision? The bokuto surely was more valuable, but the grandmaster swordsman Mike may have given it a moment's notice. He may have called for the guards assistance. Then again, would he have noticed at all?

It is an empty victory but I'll take it.

I make my way back to the bank still second guessing myself, and I find Worker cooing the ladies yet again. This time with Xena herself. His persistance is commendable but the fire in his pants won't get him far with this one. (She's cold as ice.)

The vixen won't budge.

I go to Brit Gate to clear my head. My mind is still fixated on the bokuto that never was. But my thoughts are soon interrupted.

What's this?

A few discarded 110 scrolls litter the field as Mastarimus of GoDz battles a ruthless barbarian. Just the distraction I need. A spectator to my left and another so tantalizingly close...

...but nothing to my liking except a few stray reagents.

I waste no time and move on to the next.

Bokuto? What bokuto?

I should wait until the gate guards will let me access the gate. I should bank the mystical scroll and play it safe...

...but where is the glory in that? Without logic, without reason, without common sense (?), I test my luck. There were other treasures to be had.

I test my luck.

A skull of greed for the taking...

...Yet the skull of greed was the decoy! I spot the real treasure buried beneath the mess of his pack!

And yet another! Oh how I've secretly longed for these artifacts of a world long since past. Magic of an ancient time.

Mastarimus continues to battle the hardened warrior. A few more spectators join the crowd. The mythical scroll of 115 Stealth still sits in my pack.

Choices. Decisions. All this and no time left.

I dig my arm all the way to the bottom of his pack. I make no attempt to conceal myself. Surely someone noticed!?

I run. I run as fast as I can. Out of reach of my victims I stop running.

I shouldn't. I couldn't. I must.

The bracelet had to be mine. Witht he 115 Stealth still keeping me company, I test my luck yet again.


I hold my breath, count to ten, make my way back to Luna, collapse on my bed, and dream my glory filled dreams.

'Til next time!

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