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Episode 249: Just another champion spawn.

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Hail friends,

It's been a while since I've patroled the dungeon of Despise. These moments don't come nearly enough. When people get lazy and let their guard down, it's almost too easy. When you (and every other thief) leaves the early morning spawner be, it's hard for it to not feel routine. I always say to enjoy these thievery moments because defenses fade away gradually -- they also come up in a flash if you piss them off enough. And when it comes to champion spawns, make no mistake about it, they have the upper hand... as long as they're paying attention.

It was nearly that magical minute of 3:52am. And if whoever was working the spawn worked at the same pace as Gilfane always did, I'd have to pick up the pace if I wanted to catch them with their pants down.

(Hello there.)

Dantrag Baenrae and Randall Flagg of TNT and Anck-Su-Namun of OSAR were there to greet me with a newly spawned Barracoon. Just another group of spawner, just another steal.

Yep, just another champion spaw--

Who put that trap there...!

*shakes head*

My cover is blown, my face is red, and this adventure had "death robe" written all over it. If any of the three were paying any attention at all to anything other than Barracoon, things were about to get a lot more interesting very soon.

Elfstone also of TNT shows and hides, Anck-Su-Namun stands her ground and Randall keeps the Corp Pors coming. Dantrag gets poisoned, cures his poison, and turns his attention to the champ again.

The blue tracker/detectors and red mages never come -- yep, just another champion spawn.

*nods approvingly*

Cured of his poison (and on this side of the alter) I had Dantrag's pack open as Barracoon dropped.

(Nothing new.)

Anck-Su-Namun goes into hiding, Elfstone stays in hiding, and Anck-Su-Namun goes for the gate.

She leaves the others to vacuum up the gold and Randall was next on the list by default.

Being a brand new skill from The Abyss, the 110 Throwing was tempting...

But the wrestling was even better.

The truth is that this wasn't he my first excursion into Despise these past few weeks. I've been there, I've done that, and every time I've been met with a 115. One excursion in particular I had a chance to spot all 12 scrolls, including multiple 115s and still, no 120. I let them all go in hopes of improved fortunes.


I enjoy "moments" and I love when "guards are down" but I also enjoy loot.


Dantrag jumps through the black gate after me, but I don't think he was in pursuit.

He follows me to the star room, but in the Terrathan Keep I was all alone. I wait a moment and track back.

(After all, Dantrag had an Exemplar that could fetch a pretty penny and Elfstone had yet to be snooped.)

I drop my well earned prize in the bank and I make the hike back to town, back to my Fire Dungeon rune.

(Why do I have to hike all the way back? The massive amount of paranoia that I carry with me is well documented. Why would I have a rune to anywhere other than Barter Town when other people could jump my gates? Want to follow me through a gate? You're just going end up in town. Want to jump through a gate I just came out of? You'll just get booted out of the private tower... and in town.)

(But nice try.)


(I have trust issues.)

Back at the spawn, the gold was gone and only a demon remained.

I pick up a discarded Map of the Known World on my way out, but I wasn't done yet.

Anck-Su-Namun was gone... It's a good thing I new where she lived.

(You didn't think I was going to give up that easily, did you?)

(Hello, there.)

(And you brought a friend who still needs access to the castle, giving me all the time I need?)

(OSAR is friendly with both TNT and SP!...?)

(Good to know.)

My insticts were right, but tonight was not the night. Astynax's pack was empty and he soon gets access to the house. I go home and take my 115 Wrestling and my map and call it a day.

(I'd be seeing them later.)

'Til next time!

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