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Episode 158: Enough treasure to feed a starving country.

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Hail friends,

I picked up dozens of blessed gingerbread cookies on the floor of Luna the night before. (These will come in handy for future evil purposes.) I don't bother making the trip home. I instead stay at the inn and it's a good thing I did.

::The Next Morning::

A newly rezzed man mounts his ethereal steed as I get out of bed. His friend comes running up but the door to my room is still closed. I can't hear a thing, but something's up. I crack the door open and take a listen:

Borg: bro
Borg: where

(The plot thickens.)

Thinking nothing of it (not too much anyway), I begin to walk away... when Suffering Pain says those magic words:

And I miss the gate!


Ah well, I'm sure there is much treasure to be found elsewher--

--Another newly rezzed man runs into the bank and back out. Was he from the same dragon needing and goodie carrying activity? I wasn't going to lose this one. (A second chance.) This one doesn't have a mount. He departs on foot and gives me enough time to track him. I keep pace in llama form... even after all the fizzles.

Fritz Greenvald of C8V leads me on foot... and fails his stealth often.

He's easy to track and he leaves a messy trail. My biggest fear is stepping on him and losing the element of surprise.

Out the east gate of Luna and past the first smattering of trailer park houses in the non-descript, flat wasteland of Malas.

I spot a familiar face.

And he was in a hurry! No dragon, but I bet he's carrying a lot of goodies.

Whatever it was, it was going to be big, it was going to be good, and death was sure to follow.

It was a one-way trip.

(The best kind!)


Suffering Pain was already on sight and TO & TD were waiting.

I arrive just in time to see Borg's ironic death:

He should have listened to Suffering Pain.


(How embarrassing.)

But enough screwing around! An IDOC! There was a lootin' to be done!

I roll up my sleeves, don't bother taking down there names, and head straight for the containers. The pillaging has started without me. All the obvious treasures were already missing and it was my job to find the diamonds in the rough!

...At least that's what the untrained, opportunity wasting, first time IDOC'ers would say!

*rolls up sleeves*

"B-But you don't have a pack horse, you don't have a beetle, and you don't even have a Bag of Sending! How will you ever have enough room in your backpack for all the loot? With those skills??"

(Watch and learn.)

First thing's first:

Step 1: Looting
Step 2: Storage


Step 3: World Domination

I snatch a very full chest and... trip over another stealther!

No one follows...

...except another looter -- much too busy to be bothered with me.

I go back to stuff as much as I can before I make the first trip.

With the TO & TD busy sorting through the pickings and swatting away the other nuisances... and while they also try to figure out how -- OH HOW -- to get all the loot away safely...

I head off to the west.

And within shouting distance from the collapsed house, I find an orc fort.

(This will do nicely.)

"Guard it with your life, smelly ones! Keep the others at bay!"

They understand my instructions.

(I hope.)

*pulls up boot straps*

*dives back in*

Back and forth, I go.

I shuttle my hard earned treasure at will, right under their pre-occupied noses.

Two trips.

Then a third.

With no more containers left... still, I go back to polish off some of the finer details.

And then... there it is.

They either didn't spot it, didn't have enough storage left, or didn't know how to get it down from a collapsed, high location.

(They must be new at this.)


I help myself.


I left it alone at first to focus on the containers, but with 104.9 Resist on it... I can give this back to its proper owner if he ever comes-a-knockin' (for a price!).

Here I hold a blessed ankh, a blessed soulstone frag and a blessed full soulstone (and blessed cookies!). It's here that I come at a crossroads. I can either go home, unscathed. Or I can test my luck and try to find a poor sap who forgot to stash away one of their own treasures before they got back to the scrum!

Having nothing to live for except for some plants, demon bone gloves and an undead slaying crook, I test my luck...

...and it finally runs out.

"In Vas Por!" one of them finally shouts.

I'm revealed.

I run to the south, east, and north -- but not west. (Anywhere, but west.)

I run face first into a quartet of 18x18 houses stocked full of crap. I slow to a crawl and there's no escape.

There, the TO & TD stand over my body on a field of victory -- to the north.

It's my turn to become the newly rezzed man. I rez...

...and head back -- to the west.

(Right where I left it.)

*pats orc on the head*

It takes three trips back and forth on foot (still without Magery). My stash remains undistrubed. In the end, I find myself atop a mountain of well earned treasure!

*pats self on back*

A handful of jewels worth selling and fists full of jewels I intend to use daily.

'Til next time!

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