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Episode 081: The Great Hall of Knowledge

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Hail friends,

It seems I'm being watched!

I receive word of some very troubling news from a far off land (and on a shard that shall not be named).

It's funny that I come across this information today. (And I'll tell you why.)

The day started off innocent enough. Taking my time and seeing the sights, I find myself in Britain... and something catches my eye.

A undead spectral horse (with life still running through its veins.)

And what do you do when you encounter something unknown to you?

Kill it until it's helpless enough and until you're brave enough so you can approach it, trash talk it, and proove to it how great you really are. (That'll teach it.)

I throw a shuriken, the horse takes the hit, and remains its still undead self. I inspect it further, nothing comes of it, but it does come into play later in this story. (And I'll tell you why.)

Accepting that there was no adventure to be had, I take the long way home, reach Brit Gate by foot, and I spot Jard Jr of XsJ hanging around the gate. An adventurer that's lost his way. My curiosity gets the best of me, I approach slowly, take a look in his pack, only spot a few thousand gold pieces amongst various tools & treasures. But before I have a chance to sift through the rest of his pack, he's wisked away through the gate.

I didn't have a chance to help him carry some of the contents of his very heavy pack, but this did have a part to play in the events that were soon to unfold. (And I'll tell you why.)

I return home and start emptying my house of much useless clutter. But what's this?





I fill my pack with my furniture intent on distributing it throughout the bank in hopes that someone will put it to better use. As soon as I drop in on the ground, the vultures begin to gather. Most take a peek inside the pouches then leave them be. Most of them do, but Jard Jr had more devious plans in mind...

At first I pat myself on the back for a job well done. He must be in dire need of furniture and his family tired of eating on the floor of his very small house. Ah, my good deed for the day was upon completion when he slaps me in the face...

To the carpenter across the noisey hall, he goes! He fills his greedy arms and fills his greedy pack and sells my furniture to the local carpenter! My blood begins to boil but the trammelian rules prevent further action. Still, I watch him closely. Back and forth he goes along his merry way. To the carpenter he collects his gold while mentally flipping me off every time.


He returns once more and this time hesitates. Ha-HA! His money was no longer good. The carpenter no longer wanted his business. Jard Jr was on the hunt for someone else to take his (my) wares and heads to the gate... and I give chase.

"If I were Jard Jr, where would I go?" I ask myself silently.

"Brit Gate Fel" was the only (and obvious) answer.

He arrives at the gate, but must have caught my scent. He slips back through the gate, buys a horse, spits in my face, and thinks he's got the best of me.

I await his arrival at the other side and put my plan into action.

I get him on tracking but already know his destination.

I recall to the bank, cut him off at the pass, and wait for him to come to me.

He runs into town with my furniture in hand. He runs past the bank, past the tailor, and... past the carpenter!


His speedy steed leaves me in the dust, but luckily for me something catches his eye.

Obivously confused, disoriented, (and wondering why there's a shuriken sticking in its ass), he leaves it be and continues onward to find the carpenter that he's already missed. And on the north side of town he takes a breather, spots a book on a table, and is surprised to find the name on the book matches the name engraved on the furniture!

(Just the distraction I needed, and conviently outside of the prying eyes of the townsfolk.)

Still inside guardzone, I prepare my kryss, prepare my poison, take advantage of the situation,...

...and do what I came here to do.

I take back my furniture, I take his gold, I leave nothing behind, and claim this as my good deed for the day! I leave his naked corpse next to his dead horse. Gone are the days that this one can steal furniture from those who need it most!

(And it seems my nomination for president has been seconded! ^^)

Back across town I find the furniture thief still dazed in poisonous confusion. I follow him close and inform him of the error of his ways:

I return to Luna and find someone more fitting to possess what was mine:

Ah, good day.

'Til next time!

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