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Episode 280: Arrr! There Be Booty! (Part 2 of 3)

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Hail friends,

You never know what to expect when you snoop someone else's backpack. Normally, there wouldn't be so many valuables, hidden in plain sight. Usually, you only have time enough for one, possibly two goodies before they either run away or beat you senseless. Previously detectible and apparently on their radar, yet still undeniably unheroic in every way possible.

(Tonight I was still the villain.)

But first, I pick up right where I left off.

On the coast, we meet up with the long lost Uzell Cabal.

Step, step, stop.

Step, step, stop.


Se'an's backpack was still stuffed with many more (blessed) items and littered with even more (unblessed) treasures. But their behavior intrigued me. To strike now or would there be more to be had if I wait?

(Se'an makes the first move.)


(The plot thickens.)

The boat plank opens, Se'an goes first, and Uzell boards second.

The plank would be open only for a second.

They'd sail away with their endless treasures to destinations unknown. Se'an was a strange one, but should not be underestimated. With two axes, a ninja belt full of shurikens, a backpack full of enhanced bandages, a quiver full of arrows, and a crossbow with decent mods, there would be no where to run once this party started. They would know I was there and it would just be a matter of time.

(After all, you can't board a boat without self-revealing.)

Do I break my cover and voluntarily back myself into a corner?

(I do!)

(Ahoy, me mateys!)

*eyeballs luna white dyed, ember leggings*

(Arrr! We be butt pirates, searching for booty!)

(What say ye?)

"Ya still need to pay for a ticket for this ride."

Se'an spies the way forward at the bow of the ship, Uzell joins the tillerman at the stern, and I position myself three steps between them (exactly in range of shuriken distance between them both). Se'an put his axe away and his hands were empty, but his armor was nothing to sneeze at. Uzell had a magery book and not much else. I try snooping Se'an for a quick crossbow grab before the fireworks started, but the turbulance of the boat keeps on closing his backpack (and keeps his crossbow away from my mits.)

Land fast approachs in the distance and I didn't want to get off this ride just yet.

(I wasn't trapped in a corner with them. They were trapped here with me.)

(Prepare ye self, ye land lubbers!)

The first shuriken sticks with two more mind blasts to follow. Se'an takes two steps forward (still with nothing equipped), then takes two steps back. Uzell steers around us the horn and the plunder continues!

(Uzell was collateral damage. He didn't have anything worth looting... but Se'an did, and there was only enough loot for one of us.)

I shout out my own commands to the tillerman and were start steering in circles.

One last mind blast and it's over.


I loot everything.

(I'm the villain of this story after all.)

(Land ho, me mateys!)

I wait around to see if any treasure carrying friends (who want to give me another tour) ever show. But with my pockets full, the two others soon set sail and are soon out of sight.

*gates home me mateys*

In total, the deco deeds included:
  • Mounted Pixies (x3)
  • Wall Torch
  • Bone Throne
  • Vanity
  • Blue Fancy Rug
  • Polar Bear Rug
  • Shadow Pillar
And of course, my favorite item from this expedition:

With such glorious pickings and equally glorious prey, it begs the age old question: "Huh?"

It ended with Ember Leggings, a Quiver of Infinity, and it just kept going uphill from there. (It's too bad I could never find the boat key.) But what was the point of it all? Why drag your friend all the way out to sea just to die a very embarrassing death? What were their motives? What was their destination? What was their endgame? (And most importantly, is there more to be had and am I invited?) I head off to the public boards to put my unease to rest and get the peace of mind I seek.

(Tonight I was the villain and it turns out... the rumor mill would have you believe I was a bigger villain that I really am.)

(My reputation preceeds me!)

The tour of the Minoc Harbor had come to an end and fun was had by all.

Public Posting by Luka Melehan (a.k.a. Uzell Cabal?):
That wasn't PvP, man. It was simply the only way to get the goods back. A flaw in the game mechanics.

Public Posting by Se'an Silverfoot:
Appreciate you returning the SP statue collection you looted tonight. A few of those statues are irreplaceable, such as Folger. And the I^A guildstone. We were in the middle of moving. Don't give a damn about anything else

Public Posting by Luka Melehan:
most of the time I would be the first to say, Oh well, its just pixels. BUt we are talking about a couple items that represent people and ideas that are gone. Add to that the dedication of people to keep those memories alive. To you, Chad these are two items of pixel crack, nothing more. If your just wanting to piss people off, well your lucky you haven't so far. Using this to do so is a really bad idea. You'll ruffle more than Misfit feathers.

As flattered as I am by their praises, this conversation was disturbing on many levels and as much as I would like to take credit, I can't. (That would be dishonest!) First of all, veteran statues are blessed and can't be stolen. (I tried.) Second of all, if I looted a guildstone, both the statues and the guildstone would be center pieces in the Hall of Laughs. (Many laughs would be had by all.) Third of all, if I didn't take the guildstone... who did?

*squints eyes*

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
Unfortunately, veteran statues are blessed. I really wanted the statue of Enigma. And even more unfortunately, I don't have the guildstone. I wish I did.

'Til next time!

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