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Episode 139: Failed Episodes Vol. 1 - Everclear's House Looting

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I take screen shots constantly during the game. Sometimes I store pics in folders hoping to use them later. Here's one of a guy named Everclear who was quitting and giving his stuff away. I could never make it into a story because it was all Trammel stuff and kinda boring.

* * *

Everclear announces he's givine away a Umbra Executioner axe if someone can guess a number between 1 - 100.

I start mashing numbers out and everyone only says one number. He's telling me I'm disqualified.

Then he figures out he doesn't have 100 people to pick all the numbers and tells people just keep on guessing.

Free piles of 60k gold.

He then announces he's gating to his Malas house to release everything in his house.

Notice the dye tubs, a rock and other oddities. (I loot fast.)

Sometimes not fast enough.

Nothing too good left in the back room.

I thank him and go about my business.

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