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Episode 006: Scroll of Mace Fighting

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One that is regarded as predatory, rapacious, and fierce.

Ah, another day in Sosaria. And a sunny day in Luna. Where the rich stay rich and the poor go to eBay. Where the blacksmiths run from extinction, and the beggers go to eBay. Where the honest players go to relax, and the scammers come to scam the honest players for their items... then sell them on eBay.

Beatiful Town.

They say the oldest profession is prostitution. I'd like to think stealing is a close second. Yet I am troubled. I haven't had a decent steal in weeks. Could it be because there is no one to steal from?


What better way to clear my head than be reminded of my greatness.

Q: What better way to clear my head than be reminded of my greatness?
A: Remind others of my greatness. ^^


My kingdom is secure. Yet... I was hoping for some trespassers. (These shurikens aren't going to dp themselves).

Perhaps next time. For now I think it's time to visit my old hunting grounds--Dungeon Despise.

And to my delight, I was in for a fight <-----it rhymes 5 pts. ^^

With a little investigation there I soon found an unholy alliance of blues, reds, mages, archers, half-breed wolves, and necromancers.

Tom Nate Turner
Crystal [G*U]
Sasuke [#B#]
derapho [#B#]
BadTeddy [d3bt]

Their alliance couldn't last forever, and I would be there when it cracked. A perfect storm was coming, it was inevitable. I had to be smart about it. With only 7 red candles on the alter I had only a few minutes to plan my escape.

The star room was only guarded by a murdering ghost. For now he was barely a threat, but he was looking at me funny, mentally violating me. A dp shuriken to his groin would fix that, but now was not time now. I'll just write that down on my "to do list."

The back door was clear of creepy crawlers. Everything was in place. Only one thing left... patience.

Like clockwork they dispatched their enemies. And like they should, they gave each other the stink eye the entire time.

As soon as the champion dropped an earie silence fell upon the group. They counted their gold coins. They checked and re-checked their packs. Any false move would be every man for themselves. The slightest whisper would echo like rolling thunder.

*Clenches butt cheeks*

Mr. Turner found himself with 4 power scrolls. Most were forgetable, but the 110 Eval was a tempting target.



I decide on patience. Sasuke retires to stash her loot. derapho surely was soon to follow, but his greedy paws stuff his already overflowing pockets with more gold.

*Badteddy is attacking derapho!!*

The alliance was already cracking. I attempt to snoop the other spectators, but lose my footing and my cover is blown.

Exposed for the thief that I am. They laugh it off. Shame on me. I hang my head down, leave them in peace, and begin my long journey--

Crystal: 1 more time?


Ave-k VII decides to join the alliance, and is well armed. I will have to be extra careful.

And again like a hamster in a tredmill, I find myself exactly where I started. Tom Nate blocks off the exit for likely intruders. With Tom behind me, and Crystal, derapho, Sasuke, and Ave-k VII in front I move softly. I can't mess this up... not again.

*Clenches butt cheeks*

I snoop a few packs, but none have what I need. Ave-k VII exits the stage. Sasuke & derapho soon fill their pockets and follow shortly. Crystal... is uncomfortable in rat form. A past experience maybe? Bad childhood memory? Nightmares of ratmen? No time. I'll write that down on my "investigate further list."

All I know is there are two people left, and one just asked the other to murder them. And like a good friend, he does just that.


At this point, I already had Tom's pack snooped as he paced back and forth around the island. I already knew what I wanted, I just need to find that perfect moment.

(Wait for it.)


I run as fast as my wolf legs will take me. Too busy with his incantation to notice. Too busy to notice me in my ethereal form.

(I thank thee.)

*high fives all around*


*relaxes butt cheeks*

Ahh... finally.

'Til next time!

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