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Episode 192: "The Code!" he says with semi-masculinity.

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Hail friends,

With no real time to spend on the hunt this night, I find myself in a huff atop my mighty ethereal llama. From the Minoc Moongate, past the Minoc Healers, I spot a suspicious new name inside the hut. "Nightstalker" they call him.

I continue onward until I hear him make that funny yelp (that all men make) when they bite the big one.

I stop and let my ears lead me by the funny sound to the funny man.

Chad Sexington: Hm?
Chad Sexington: Where would this message be?

"On the message board in Barter Town." he says as he runs up to me, pauses, and runs back.

(Must you be?)

*squints eyes*

I think, I ponder, and I conclude: There would only be one way to test this man's metal.


(Breaking "The Code" obviously doesn't count.)

Prepared to walk away, he obliges my request.



And I got my smoke bomb back.


After passing this first gruelling test, it wasn't easy, but he may deserve a second chance. On one hand, he blantantly broke The Code and used it as his first impression. On the other hand, he snooped my crate (which was funny).


It's decided then!

And we're off!

(WaVy shows up just in time to hand me a semi-fresh robe.)

We dash to town with me leading the charge.

He shows and I go through the formalities.

(I hand him the hand-me-down robe.)

(Keep in mind, the last two people I gave guild titles to ended up with "Underpants Inspector" and "Stinky McFingers.")

I tell him that his first task is to record his first two steals (in screenshot form!). And still he insists on citing the Code Breakage as a reference.

I give Nightstalker some final instructions and leave him to create his own disorder and mayhem.

...And I can't help but wonder where these thieves out of the wood work come from...? "The Code." It used to be one of the most well known and famous rules that governed all thieves of all lands across all the shards. (And even among non-thieves.) I guess it's to be expected with thievery being a dying profession. For those who have forgotten, let me remind you all something that seems to have been lost. It wasn't created by me (not even close). It was molded by all the other thieves before me, during the very first years of UO. It was then set in stone by the thieves of the Stratics Thief Forum:


All thieves are expected to follow the following rules:

1. Thou shalt not steal from or loot fellow thieves.
2. Thou shalt not purposely reveal fellow thieves.
3. Thou shalt not identify disguised thieves.
4. Thou shalt not kill fellow thieves.
5. Thou shalt not follow fellow thieves around telling people that they are thieves.
6. Thou shalt offer aid and comfort to fellow thieves when possible.
7. Thou shalt not ask stupid questions that are thoroughly covered in the FAQ.
8. Thou shalt check the forum to see if thine question has already been answered.
9. Thou shalt retain a sense of humor.
10. Thou shalt not call thy self a thief if thou hast not stolen from thine fellow player.
11. Thou shalt remember that thine profession is spelled thief and not theif.

Breakage of the code results in forever "Kill on Sight" status among all other thieves.

(Remeber it!)


(What's that you say? Blowing up thieves? Rule #4? Me?)




*points behind you!*



'Til next time!

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