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UOForums Interviews Chad Sexington from UOThief.com!

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Big thanks to Chad for doing the interview and sending it back so fast, if only Mythic were that fast =P

  1. What is a typical UO day for you?

    A: I roll out of bed, put my finger to the wind, and go! I usually begin the day checking private messages, icq’s, and the message boards for clues as to where potential fun could be had that day. I make my rounds beginning with the places I’ve spotted people the day before. I check the banks, vendor houses, and any of the popular hang outs. Keep in mind, I could come across a new toy, scrap the rest of the day’s plans, and entertain myself in new and interesting ways. Keep in mind, I like shiney things and get distracted easily. Also, keep in mind, pie is better than cake, cats are better than dogs, and I would never actually tell you what I did on a daily basis. Plus, I lie constantly.

  2. Why did you start UO Thief?

    A: UO Thief was just supposed to be a site where I could properly host my original 22 episodes, hang up my greedy paws, and ride off into the UO sunset. That’s what it was ever going to be. The original 22 were first posted on my free forums and I needed a place to host them… the site has changed a lot since then (and I’m still here).

  3. What do you like about UO, what kept you hooked through all the changes?

    A: As a thief, you play the players, not the game or any of its possible borked mechanics. The game mechanics that have changed over the years have always been and never will be anything more than a means to and end. As long as there are other people playing the game – in whatever form it is currently – there will be something to be stolen and I’ll still be hooked. Through the rules, facet, item, population, and attitude changes over the years, my tears still taste just as salty after a missed opportunity and my blood is just as red.

  4. How did you get started in Ultima Online?

    A: Before T2A, before 1997, and before Beta, there was a magazine article about a magical game called “Ultima Online.” Sitting in the back seat of a mini-van, I read it. In that article, they told wondrous and fantastic stories about the online world they were hoping to create. They spoke of having to watch your pockets while in town having to be on a constant lookout for thieves. They also spoke of dragons that would be indigenous to the area around a mountain. That dragon would feed on deer. If you or any other of the online world’s population sufficiently slaughtered the deer, their population would decrease enough to the point where the dragon would begin to wander and expand its territory. That’s what they were aiming for in a time before Beta… they may have aimed a little too high. (I’d still like to play that game.) It took me a while to finally plug into the world, even after the game was actually released, but that was my first impression of the game and it stuck.

  5. How long have you been playing UO?

    A: I’ve been playing UO on and off since T2A.

  6. If you were on the UO dev team, how would you like to change thieving?

    A: My demands are simple but essential to my continued way of life. First, fix the existing bugs that haunt my waking dreams such as: uninsured / non-blessed items that can’t be stolen and problems with disguise kits. Next, do something (anything) to continue to draw more players into the game. Without people, all of the bug fixes in the world won’t satisfy my ego.

  7. What’s the best item you’ve ever stolen?

    A: “Episodes 169 – 172” the greatest treasure that I’ll ever steal. From here on out, it’s not about topping myself; It’s about stealing treasures I’ve never stolen, liberated from people I’ve never stolen from before.

  8. What was your biggest challenge in your profession/journey?

    A: Finding new and interesting ways to entertain myself. The best thing about playing a thief is that you rarely go through the same routine twice. The more you play, the more you've experienced, and the more creative you have to be. Also, my well documented case of chronic paranoia. (Trust no one.)

  9. Do you make a lot of profit from what you do?

    A: “Aye!” is what I’d say on a good day. “Nay, you fool!” is what I’d say on a bad day. “I make enough.” is closer to the truth. I make enough gold to pay my vendors that sell back the any valuables that I don’t intend to keep. I steal enough artifacts decorate my home to remind myself on a daily basis of how many hearts and dreams I’ve crushed. I loot enough bodies to be self-sufficient when it comes to armor, potions, and jewelry that I use (and often lose) regularly.

  10. If you couldn’t play as a thief, what would you play as?

    A: This one’s easy, a blacksmith. When I first started playing, I was one of the grunts down in the Minoc Mines, mining all day long, selling 1k ingots to wealthy merchants for 5k gold. I was one of the miners that had 4 timber wolves in tow, keeping me company, only to have someone kill one of them in front of me while taunting me in the process. This had an unfortunate cascading effect of causing me to order my wolf pack to attack, causing me to unintentionally go grey, causing my fury friends to die bloody, bloody deaths, resulting in my unfortunate demise… I change my answer. I’d probably form a posse of red miners.

  11. Do you find the people you steal from to be understanding of what you do, or are they resentful?

    A: I find that they often find my deeds hilarious at best with a taste for honorable revenge at worst… in game. On the boards, in a magical land that is beyond my reach, they tell me what they really think. It often involves a few curse words and unflattering remarks about my play style.

  12. Has anyone you’ve stolen from ever had a vendetta against you (i.e. they stalk you to PK you)?

    A: If anyone has, I’ve never noticed and/or they’ve never found me. I suspect if anyone ever did, they got over it fairly quickly.

  13. Have you ever stolen something you later felt bad about stealing?

    A: Not once.

  14. Which steal turned out to be your biggest disappointment?

    A: A large piece of blackrock, wedding band, pocket watch, and other holiday gifts. The items may be different, but the story is all the same. The game tells me, “This item has no value to you.” We can agree to disagree.

  15. Is Tram the worst nerf to stealing? Why or why not? If not, what is?

    A: Tram is a good answer and insurance as an answer is a little better. The worst nerf to stealing is time. It was inevitable. Stealing was at its best (and all of UO for that matter) when everything was new, fresh, and raw. There was a time when I looked around and saw fantasy and magic. Now all I see are stats and numbers.

  16. What’s the biggest steal you attempted but couldn’t get?

    A: I spot a small private tower with its owner locked inside. The tower was on the coast in an area with very little foot traffic with no reason to suspect anyone would bother another, let alone stalk someone for months. Three small public boats, overflowed with treasure and hugged the lands’ edge with anchors dropped and gang-planks sealed. They were locked, but they had keys and I knew who had them. I returned the day after and the next, every time, the contents inside the ship’s hold fluctuated. It was all for the taking. I just had to get my timing right. For weeks I returned at different times of the day, trying to catch him in the act. For weeks I’d catch him hanging inside, recalling in, or recalling out. For months I watch and wait and one day… the house and boats were gone. He left and I had nothing to show for it. (My tears are salty.)

  17. Of the items in UO you haven’t stolen, what’s the one thing you would absolutely love to steal?

    A: 25 Stat Scroll. Long ago, I made up some fiction as to why I want a 25 Stat Scrolls so much. The fiction still festers and now it’s become reality. I want it and one day I’ll get it. (The fact that I’ve only stumbled upon 4 harrower spawns during my entire play time as a thief doesn’t help me on my quest.)

  18. Where do you come up with your ideas? Are they pre-conceived stories/plans that you “act” (play) out, or are they aftermath stories that you fill in the crevices of your gameplay?

    A: I might have a new toy to play with and I might have a new location or method of stealing I intend to exploit, but the stories come from actions, not the other way around.

  19. If you could design an addition to thievery (content or otherwise) for the promised “thief love” that will be coming before Stygian Abyss, what would it be?

    A: Pirate Expansion. I’ve said that it’s the people that make stealing worth while… and I’m not the first to ask for this. The people want it, so give it. The people will come and thievery (and me) will be happy. I’ll leave the details for ship battles, hidden islands, whirlpools, fishing skill revamps, new sea monsters, and casinos to be better explained by more interested men. All I want is a new skill with its effectiveness based on how drunk you are. The more you drink, the more you *hic*, the less effective it will be for mages, the more alcohol consumption will rise, the more inhibition towards people's deepest desires will decrease, making the world a better place for all. (And more for me.)

  20. Who is your favorite victim on Siege Perilous?

    A: Oscar from Episodes 169 – 172. Favoritism for my victims is equally proportional to the treasure that was stolen and the journey required to get it. That was my favorite steal. Connect the dots and he becomes my favorite victim whether he (or I) like it or not.

For those who want to read about Chad's thieving, check out his website at - www.uothief.com

Thanks again to Chad and also to our users for submitting their questions.

by Adam


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