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Episode 180: Armor Repairs, Shmarmor Repairs

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Hail friends,

After snooping around the legions of tamers hanging around the Luna streets (and the non-tamers hanging around the Luna houses), I find Khaza of Gilfane hanging around the Luna bank.

A mediocre fletcher's talisman with the risk of town guards. I decide to pass on this little trinket... but strange forces (friend or foe?) decide otherwise.

Another of Gilfane joins today's little skit.


Looks like Khaza wasn't just hanging around just for the hell of it. He was waiting for his long lost friend. (Ready to hand over a treasure, are we?)

(Hail. ^^)

A 64 resist, LMC, night sight gorget!


I dig a little deeper while they continue their conversation.


Repair deeds?

*sad face*


(Repair deeds?)


(Zero durability?)

I guess the leather gorget (marked with Khaza's Maker's Mark) was today's treasure after all.

I get into position... and take what's mine.

I go grey on the 1 stone gorget and brace for guards.

They never come.

I check the rest of Mystikal's suit, but there's not much to see. (And he's missing a gorget.)

Khaza goes west and Mystical goes east.

A simple little steal for a simple little day. I go outside to mess with the dragon haves and have-nots for a little longer and come back to the bank with my zero durability gorget in need of repairs.

But how would I ever find a tailor willing to repair such a find?

Back at the bank and who else do I find but Khaza back at the smithy!

I try something different.

(It never hurts to ask.)

(Thanks for noticing. ^^)

A brand new repaired gorget to go with my fabulous dress and a job well done.

Oh, yes. I did eventually find what I was looking for with the tamers. Hakiru Wakayama of K0C opened up his services to me with an evil dyed, 0/3, DCI bracelet... but that steal wasn't nearly as much fun.

(Sometimes it's not what you've stolen, but how much you've laughed in the process.)

'Til next time!

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