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Episode 156: Random vs. Chad Sexington (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

Starting over in a new home can be difficult.

They say you have to let go of your friends and family. They say it takes time to get situated, takes time to make new friends and may take more time than you're willing to pay.

I say they're just too scared to let go of the familiar! I say roll the dice and let them land as they may! I say my new victims are as predictable as my last victims and would fall trap to the same routines of habbits that always seem to get them in trouble!

It's only been a day and he's right where I left him. He knew his hiding place was made public and still, he refuses to let go of his schedule.

I move in for a peek... and this time it takes half as long.

(I've done this before.)

I find the same old trash, but what I don't see (and what I'm really after) and the runic fletcher's tools that I was promised.

There are still a few more bags and I didn't have much time. Random was day dreaming last time and I'm betting he's day dreaming this time.

Day dreaming is not the same as asleep.

I find something of interest and as it turns out, this something will help me greatly in my latest endeavour:

I like it.

I take it.

(I get greedy and keep on going.)

He pops to life.

I doubt he's spotted me, but that's what I thought last time.

*squints eyes at the sly one*

He heads for the exit.

We've done this dance before.

(I play along.)

With his mount, he beats me to the exit.

I stop.

He was making this easy -- too easy. He gets spotted once and he comes back to the same location, busy with the same fletching quest, standing in the exact same tile and at the exact same time of the day!?

A trap!

Were his friends' waiting to get his message that the annoyance from yesterday was stupid enough to return??

"No, you're stupid." my imaginative brain says as I pat myself on the back for coming up with such a good come-back.

I follow.

And there he is playing the same little trick!

I wait for him to disappear and I do my best to track him.




I track him again.


(Still nothing... and I finally get it.)

There was no trick. There was no underhanded outsmarting going on. There was no trick this time just as there was no trick last time. He didn't send me to an island of death, he got detected while fletching and was going home.


I was giving Random way too much credit, and yet...

...I find myself hating him even more.

*pumps fist*

Now at the bank and stash my new treasure.

(I put the blood of all future victims of my death runes on Random's hands.)

Round 2: Chad Sexington

'Til next time!

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