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Episode 157: Gilfane at Dawn

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Hail friends,

It was early, they were busy, and I was right on time. I pop out the Trinsic gate at dawn and plan a day trip to Destard before breakfeast.

(Early morning snack.)

And the bonded artful dodger is there to greet me.

I track for any surprise guests and I find none. I dismiss the dragon, am about to leave, when company soon comes calling.

Izabo of the famous, blue guild of Gilfane!

I guess they had (somewhat less evil) early morning plans of their own!

A hornde minion follows and becca, also of Gilfane, pops out to provide us all with transportation.


I'll have to work on my Tracking skills. (I missed becca standing right there.) But I have no time to think about that now. And as they say:

"Wherever there are horde minions, good things follow."

(Look it up.)

I wait to make sure there are no more surprise visitors trailing behind me... and I go.


(Just as I suspected.)

I could at least 7 of their ranks with 3 greater dragons in tow... and... it looks like the hunt was successful! (Let's just hope my hunt goes as well as theirs.)

*crosses fingers*

I snoop one of them and stop short.

They begin dropping scrolls in the ground.

(Rolling for them?)

105 Ninjitsu
110 Swordsmanship
110 Evaluate Intelligence



I help myself to the spoils.

(I thank thee for thy donation!)

A few of them start running in circles. I don't know if they're searching for the culprit who stole the missing scroll or if they're playing some type of strange erotic game involving greater dragons and hiding scrolls in odd (and smelly!) places.

I discretely bank my scroll. (We are standing on a bank after all.) I consider breaking my silence but instead, I let it play out. They soon depart. I search for them at their city at the opening of the Broken Mountains in Malas.

(The location of the city I found in a map that they provided.)

I search for them at the Champion spawn at Despise. I even re-trace my steps at the Trinsic gate... but nothing.

Whatever they set out to do, I hope it didn't involve any horde minions or I missed out.

No matter!

I take my victory and it's time to eat.

'Til next time!

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