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Episode 277: Guardian KX vs. Sweet Bugs

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Hail friends,

::Four Days Ago::

Enkil Visigoth: I just stole a Cloak of Power from Guardian KX.

*heads off to Luna*

There was little hope for anything more to steal, but I was curious to see what all the comotion was about. Guardian KX on the left (wearing a very fine matching outfit) and Enkil on the right (wearing a newly aquired elven Cloak of Power).

"Was a sweet bug."

(Enkil Visigoth: He's saying I crashed him.)
(Enkil Visigoth: Haha.)

Guardian KX: I opened a trade window and I crashed.
Guardian KX: When I came back the cloak was gone and all I saw was you running off.
Enkil Visigoth: lol.
Enkil Visigoth: I actually failed on my first attempt and went grey.
Enkil Visigoth: I had to wait around to try again.

(Ah, the ol' double-attempted-going-grey-client-crashing-bug.)


Guardian KX: How much do you want for it?
Enkil Visigoth: 200k and a book telling me how great I am.
Guardian KX: Whatever.
Guardian KX: Thinking you're all good. You just got lucky.
Guardian KX: You're no Red.

(Them's fightin' words!)

This conversation was disturbing on many levels. Not only was Guardian KX going to deny Enkil a book of his greatness, but... Enkil's been holding out on me! Apparently, he's been keeping all his "client crashing bugs" to himself.


Thinking nothing more of it, I leave the two of them to negotiate the terms of the book's surrender. There was nothing else to steal and if Enkil was keeping "client crashing bugs" to himself up until now, I doubt he'd share them with me now.


...But perhaps Guardian KX had a point. (However and why-ever Guardian KX crashed.) Apparently, our mutually shared greatest wish is to meet each other again one day and this time, on more sporting terms. (a.k.a. Be careful what you wish for.)


I pop out of the gate, MD Enterprises nearly steps on me, and I catch up with him at the bank.

Nothing worth stealing and he soon runs off -- exit stage left -- most probably to the scrub vendor house in the north west corner of the Luna city limits. (They should work on making their destinations more discrete. The giant "MD" lettering on the top of their vendor house isn't helping their cause.)

Back down to the gate, again I'm interrupted as more scrubs pour out of the gate.

Again, I chase. And again, they exit stage left.


This time I follow. Up the stairs, through the bank, out into the streets, up north and west, I go.

If they were alone, statistically speaking, the odds of catching them not in a safe area in the house were slim to none. But with friends and possibly more company on the way, the odds increase at a geometric rate.

(Statistically speaking, of course.)


The guy on your left would be talking, the guy on your right would be speaking, and items would potentially be shuffled between the three of you. And most importantly, your defenses would be down, especially among friends.

(And here you thought there wasn't any rhyme to my reason.)

As I approach, the Stygian Dragon Statuette on the house steps (next to him) makes a roar (announcing someone else's presence). He doesn't move and I freely snoop his belongings.

(His mistake.)

(He always has the best stuff.)

I appear, take, and hide. And Guardian KX jolts a few steps inside, checking his cloak-less inventory.

(Guardian KX was not having a good week.)

Sweet Bugs: 2
Guardian KX: 0

Public Posting by Guardian KX:
(2 years later on December 14, 2011, in response to the news that UO Thief had reached 600 total thievery episodes.)
On behalf of all the people that didn't want to be part of your posted "views", on behalf of all the people that don't think its fun that you stand around taunting them after the stealing, on behalf of all the people that tryed to make a start on another shard to be griefed off that same shard, on behalf of people that lost there one of a kind event item thats nothing more than another notch cut on the staff of stealing, on behalf of people that live and STAY on a shard that you only log into during a event, on behalf of those that cannot stomach being a thief because taking something from another person is just that..."STEALING", on behalf of those that understand stealing pixels is still moralisticly stealing (and not justify it simply by saying "Its only a game")....

Absolute fail on the scale of times 600!

A Thief is a Thief... Stealing is Stealing... taking something from someone reguardless of a game or not doesn't justify the action. When you steal FROM ANOTHER PERSON the game excuse goes out the window.

We need thieves to make the game more fun, but bragging about it in open forum is lacking in taste... Keep your bragging somewhere its acceptable.

MY opinion.

"On behalf of all the people... MY opinion."


(Too funny.)

'Til next time!

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