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Episode 108: I'm red, and blue, and stink all over.

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Hail friends,

The night was young, the air was thick, and Black Rose of R@GE and her White Wyrm Goku all alone venter her frustration out on the red mages.

Same old story. Different faces and different guilds.

I take a closer look.

I look inside her pack and find nothing but 110 power scrolls. I sniff behind me and Twisted of Slap is knocking at the door.

A fight? Fisticuffs be flying? Lleaving me an opportunity to snoop the both of them and slip through the shadows with neither of them noticing?


I'm not that lucky. Twisted jumps through the sparkles and leaves me with Black Rose and her parrot.

I stuff the parrot in my pants and go on my merry.

Twisted is at the alter, but this entire cavern is crawling (and smells!) of Slap.

Their bodily odor bombards my senses.

I focus.

I stumble.

I concentrate.

I fail.

I give up my claustrophobic location for a perch upwind from the heathens.

A legion of blues and an equal number of reds surround me.

Their reactions: quick.

Their technique: flawless.

Their thief detectors: broken.

Baracoon arrives and my uphill battle would begin...

...at least it would have if they would have fielded the bridges and other party crashers wouldn't have joined the party!

GOLDBERG of FARM weaves his way through the east bridge, has enough time to cast a greater heal, casts a few mini spells, and runs for the west bridge with half of the Slap on his trail. (I thank thee. ^^)

Black Rose, Goku, and a stealth archer aren't far behind.

A badly timed earthquake catches me at its edges and reveals me!

(I was the least of their worries.)

I thank the others, ignore the chaos around me, secure my hiding place once again, and wait for Baracoon to fall.

Only Twisted and Celebrity are there when it finally happens.

I move in and get what I deserve...




I jump the gate and continue the hunt.

Nothing but more of the same.

I look again.

A ship key!

I lick my lips, reach out my hand, and... the party crashers ruin my fun!

The army of red and blue Slap chase off the party crashers (and the ship key along with it). Out of my life forever.

I return to the alter, collect a few hundred thousand gold pieces, adjust the parrot in my underpants, and call it a night.

Ah, the life I live.

'Til next time!

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