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Episode 109: Curious like a cat. Persistant like a dog.

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Hail friends,

I was getting the itch. The itch that won't leave you be at night. The kind that pesters and festers and won't let you go. I try to sleep. I try and ignore the itch behind my ear. I tell myself, "Power scrolls aren't as valuable as they were before anyway."

Try as I might, try as I may, I try and I fail and I'm at Despise once more.

Ecstasy of KOA is there to greet me.

A wizard, a puppy, a mountain of lizardmen, and a pile of gold. I couldn't write this stuff if I tried.

But KOA have never been known to be clumsey with their insurance. They're notorious for frustrating my kind with their trickery. I snoop and I snoop, but I find nothing worth taking.

I turn my attention to the gold.

I thank her for her gold and leave her be.

110 scrolls, red candles, and white candles, but no one in sight.


I wait.



First five minutes, then ten, and that itch starts to scratch. White candle after white candle, my perpetrator finally shows his face.




Today was my lucky day. He makes short work of the slimes, rats, archers, and snakes. He takes his fight away from the alter as Baracoon shows his disagreeable face.

(He truely was alone.)

The battle was long. The battle was tough. But there was only one outcome to this fight.

I move into position.

115 Focus!


115 Focus!? My eyes finally spot something above a 110 and it's a 115 FOCUS!?

A stealth archer of KOS shows his face, Kalatar turns his attention north, and I look again.

Ah! That's more like it!

The stealth archer taunts our mutual oppressor and I take advantage. I dash for the gate, summon a host of mirror images, wait for the calvalry to give chase... but they never do.


I get what I came for and my itch subsides.

'Til next time!

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