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Episode 255: A Very Fine Hat

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Hail friends,

While checking on something in town, I'm rudely interrupted.

*being perfectly rested, you shove something invisible out of the way*



He was once a defiant miner who was attacked by WaVy GrAvY and was later spotted a second time... where he was attacked by Enkil and then finally informed on the Barter Town dress code. You see? Contrary to common belief, not all miners are evil. Some are just unaware of the rules.


But what was he doing here?

I decide to introduce myself.


(He's heard of me!)

Ash: Just taking a look at your town.
Ash: It's a nice place you have here.

(A fine hat indeed!)

*pumps fist at rumors*


Ash: Making rounds for potential marks?

Another proud citizen of Barter Town!

We've only just met and he may only be a lowly miner... but if he continues in his merry ways, I can already tell he'll be successful in life as long as he continues wearing equally sharp looking hats.

(The amount of ambition in his eyes is only rivaled by the amount of spunk in his hat.)

Ash: Good luck on your rounds.

And although his business is less evil than I would like... we exchange farewells and continue on in our ways.

(Good man.)

'Til next time!

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