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Episode 220: Keeps won't empty themselves.

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Hail friends,

(What's this?)

blerick the Legendary Mage.

--With a backpack full of scrolls!

She walked into the inn and I followed behind. I open the door and walk in. She walked back out into the hall (spotted me?) and I followed again.

Simple enough, right?

But why does her name sound so familiar...?

It's something that I'll have to figure out later. I equip my Ferret Talisman, maximize my stealing potential, minimize my stealing visibility, and get to work.

How much time would I have?

(There was so much to take.)

I don't bother hiding. I just pray I don't flag grey to the many faction fighters running outside.

And still, something was very familiar. I couldn't put my finger on it.

Was it terribly important at this moment? Not even a little bit.

But still... it nags at me.

I eye the Heart of the Lion chest piece -- just sitting there.

But at 10 stones, I had little chance. I pass it up and continue with the scrolls.

Four steals later and just as she shouts out "Vas Rel Por!", I finally flag!

"Guards can now be called on you!"

I was unable to move the newly stolen scroll to my bank. I was at her mercy.

I wait.

She's gone... but I still wanted more!

Dear god, there was so much more to be had. I was flagged as a criminal and was unable to persue!

Sweeney flashes outside near the gate. If not me, then him.

Chad Sexington: Sweeney!

Sweeney: On it.

He makes it through before it closes and keeps me updated.

Sweeney: Got the HOTL.
Chad Sexington: Location?
Sweeney: She gated again.
Chad Sexington: Bank or house?
Sweeney: East Brit Bank.

Banks, you say? I pick a different bank at random, hoping to get lucky.

(I choose incorrectly.)

Sweeney: Shalimar left with him.
Sweeney: It might have been the guy with the keep.

Shalimar (the guildmistress of NEW).

(So that's where I recognized her from.)

Public Posting by blerick:
"I am closing an account that has a Keep on SP, I need to find NEW guildleader to arrange a transfer of it. It does contain alot of items, Since I have not played on SP since AOS, all the items are preAOS, so most of it is worthless in today's UO, except for the leather,ingot and over 50k of each reagent."

Ah, yes. Now I remember. She was emptying the contents of her keep and entrusting it with NEW in the process. And if it's in the process of becoming NEW and not NEW yet... finders, keepers.

I check the keep hoping to snag something good before it fell into NEW hands.

They never show and are gone off to locations unknown.


I go home with pockets filled and call it a win.

'Til next time!

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