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Episode 150: My middle name is Chad Sexington!

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Hail friends,

Another new and exciting day ripe with it's own queer little quirks. Today's was especially queer...

I wake and I find myself unable to move. I can speak and use skills but I'm unable to turn or take a step. Something was wrong. I pray to the UO Gods exactly that and wait for their reply.

What to do to pass the time?

(Who's this?)

Xeroth: hey
Xeroth: Best shit I've read since Galads.
Chad Sexington: ^^

(He stays just out of reach as I snatch for his pockets only to find air.)

He soon leaves and I continue to wait.

He returns.

Xeroth: Hey, do you need a 115 Stealing PS?

He steps close to hand me the free scroll and steps away with my feet still glued to the floor.


*cracks knuckles*

Chad Sexington: Hey, can you do me a favor?
Xeroth: What's that?
Chad Sexington: Can you buy me a pack llama?
Chad Sexington: I'm bored.
Xeroth: Sure.

He steps away again and my plotting and scheming are suddenly interrupted.

GM Dekru!

A little chit-chat later and... ABRACADABRA!

I'm finally free!




(You know they have closets full of those things.)


So now that I'm free of my paralysis what do I do?

There's only one thing to do...

I go back on the hunt!

My fingers are itching to steal something new. And I know exactly where I'm going to start.


(Yes, the same Xeroth that was giving me compliments, giving me power scrolls and doing me favors.)


(And really, how could I not?)


I spot my prize (and this time I remember to equip my ring).

After getting my self set, now's a good a time as any.

I reach out for the two stones of silver and get what's coming to me.

(Son of a bitch.)

'Til next time!

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