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Episode 297: Welcome to Siege! (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

2 hours into the event (with the silliness of West Moonglow over), this adventure was about to take a turn for the worst.

(And the adventure's jester's hat quota was about to be met.)

--But first, we pop out of the ass end of the mystery event moongate and find myself in familiar territory.


(Ah, I know this land well.)

(I take a look around and wonder where everyone went and yet... I always find ways to entertain myself.)

(That's what I want to know!)

(A non-faction Rune Beetle Carapace!)


Chad Sexington: (Where is everyone?)
Booglerz: (Barter Town.)
Booglerz: (They're all at the stables.)
Chad Sexington: (!!!)

(They were going to tour Barter Town?)

(I take the back entrance to make some last minute preparations and in my hurry I make my first mistake.)

(The tower is now public. What better decoy than the tower?)

(Now as Mackenzie, I head back to the crowd.)

EM Quantum: Would someone like to give the tour?
Chad Sexington: (Go for it.)
Chad Sexington: (Just wing it.)
Booglerz: (Ummm... ok.)

(What? That's what recruits are for.)

(Besides, I was undercover.)

*puts on hat*

*complies with the town laws*

(Everyone was finally ready and I lead the charge!)

*leads the herd farther into town*

I'm snoop as we go, but as hard as I look, there's nothing of value.

All the goods were already tucked away safely in the Minoc Bank.

My only hope was for the factioners to bring the party back to the crowd. In the mean time, I take a gander as this fine tower and read its mighty fine literature.

Still... nothing of value and my fingers were itching for some action.

(Hello, there.)

The crowd moves north, I follow the bracelet, and my mistake finally catches up with me.

"Bloody Mary is attacking you!"

"You are dead."

(I sure did.)

In my rush to set the town straight, I forgot to switch faces.

(a.k.a. I didn't stick to the plan.)

(But this wasn't over.)



Now as "Abram", I stop by the tower to pick up a new robe and head back in.

(We were still only 3 hours into the event.)

(Is this... Covetous?)

Without any supplies in this area, I put on a skullcap to hide my ice white hair.

It was a race to the exit!

(I like races.)


I'm the first out the gate and begin casting mirror images behind me.

Surprisingly, Quantum begins handing out Cloaks of Silence to everyone.

*cracks knuckles*

(It's almost too easy.)

The TnT [Min] begin swarming the helpless newbies and me and Booglerz begin swarming them.

(It was just a matter of time before the bodies started the drop.)

(I thank thee.)

The TnT can hold back no longer.

With their dragons and their bows they start gunning down everybody in sight -- including the NEW.

(It's in their nature.)

(It's what they do.)

Booglerz gets targeted first.

Booglerz goes down.

And while their skill in "All kill" is impressive, when it comes to looting, the TnT are much too slow.


Being outwitted by the recruit (and his invisible friend), they move on to easier prey (the NEW).

And again, their skill in looting leaves much to be desired.


With 3 cloaks in my back pocket (and 2 more TnT cloaks in Booglerz' newly rezzed pockets), I head off to stash the goods.

Round-n-round we go to less interesting locations with more booty to be had.

With a new face, I ask for seconds as the event finally dies down.

Elite Ninja of TnT: Can I get a cloak?
Elite Ninja of TnT: I didn't get one yet.

(Sure you did. You just got out-looted twice (by me) and got robbed in broad daylight twice (by Booglerz).)


EM Quantum humor's his request.

Between the two of us, we end up with 8 Cloaks of Silence, 5 Event Sashes, a non-faction Rune Beetle Carapace, and a handful of jewels. (I even got to complete my set of sashes in the process.)

(Long day.)

'Til next time!

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