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Episode 262: The Isle of Hate (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

It was a dark and stormy night.

The day was Hallow's Eve and the place was Dungeon Deceit.

With the Halloween Event reaching its climax, the oogalies and boogalies were still out and about. I was still fuzzy on the event details and didn't know exactly what he was looking for. whatever it was, dressed up as a troll or not, I knew had to have it.

All I can do is follow closely.

*peeks inside an event monger's backpack*

Nothing but blessed and timed items.


I wipe the egg off my face and follow him out the front door. There was an event going on after all and there had to be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Enkil and Ash were up to no good on the other side of the world, but I follow my own lead, wherever it would take me.

Ash, the latest recruit. The same Ash who was recently a former trespasser, later turned Barter Town Citizen, now turned up-and-coming thief.

(It's a hero's tale, if you think about it.)

(All roads lead to the Hag, don't they?)

I exit his gate, stealth down and around, and he's gone before I can get a closer look.

I'm about to leave and another gate opens.

"Purely Great."

(This sounds promising.)

Back down and around, I give the gate a hard three-count and then... I go.

A private island!

(Purely great, indeed!)

He steps inside the private house, Enkil bumps his way out the gate behind me, I hop back to the Hag, Enkil is right there behind me, and the gate closes behind both of us.

Wait... what just happened...?

Did I just... jump through a magical gate away from a event-item-carrying, private-island-owning, rich man?



*whips out map of Tokuno*

The others still had the Hag covered and I had other plans.


A facet in which the wealthiest of the wealthy can have private islands of their very own. An isle in which they can hide away from the rest of the world. (And an isle in which they comfortably let their guards down!) I think back to my brief stay on the island a few moments ago and try to recall any distinguising features. I compare those features to the map in front of me, take note of islands with promising similarities, choose the most promising out of the bunch, and... I'm off!

Now at the southern most tip of continent of Homare-Jima, it seems I found what I was looking for... but I needed a closer look.

Question: What's better than jumping through a magical gate in pursuit of a wealthy man's pockets?

Answer: By-passing the need for a gate entirely, side-steping "the pursuit" altogether, and waiting for the wealthy man to bring the treasure to you, of course!

The house was errected on the southern end of the isle.

I make my approach from the north.

A few shipwrecks littered the treacherous waters. I navigate around them.



Lord Exador!

A wealthy man, indeed!

(I should have seen this coming.)

The picture now becomes more complete. Lord Exador, apparently with aliases/associates by the names of Purely Great, Angel, and Cybernickel. Cybernickel, the man who single-handedly brokers trades between Siege Perilous and the non-Siege shards. A man who bathes in gold coins while laughing at his own excellence. A man who wipes his ass with million gold checks, hands those same checks to the little people, and smiles with absolution as they thank him for it.

(You sick, sick man.)

I wait 30 minutes but Purely Great never makes another event item run. He was done for the night and so was I. I mark a rune on the northern tip of the very tiny isle and gate home. He wasn't finished with the event... and neither was I.

'Til next time!

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