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Episode 263: The Isle of Hate (Part 2 of 2)

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Hail friends,

It was an even darker and even stormier night.

The day was Halloween and the place was The Isle of Hate.

--But first, back to the Hag.

"Why is it called The Isle of Hate?" asks the isle-naming-connoisseur.

Whelp... it was "dark" and uh... "stormy" and "scary" and uh... "Halloween."

(Besides, "The Isle of Love" was taken.)


(The hollidays always bring out the best in the Tokuno Islands, don't they?)

Back at the Hag, I spot Purely Great jump through a red gate (just like last time). Except this time, I knew exactly where he was going and didn't have to telegraph my hand. I skip the gate, head back to my tower, and put my plan into action.

It was a private house on a private island, home to a private man. There were multiple steps leading to a secure teleporter, which led to completely safe area behind the house walls. Ambushing him was out of the question. There was no way I'd be able to drop him in time. A quick snoop & steal prompted questions of equally sketchy results. Nay, for this I'd have to get him to come to me. Just like my journey to the island itself, "the pursuit" was no good. I needed a lure which was tempting enough for an aristocratic man of his stature.

Subtlety was out of the question. And if you're going to do something wrong -- do it right.

On the other end of the "subtlety spectrum", I opt to be as obvious as obvious can be.

A bright red crate, now jam-packed with items weighing 286 stones, ready for the taking.

While I was busy getting prepared, he was still running event errands, no doubt. I gate back to the isle. Without any cover, I cross my fingers and hope I marked my rune far enough to not be spotted.


*hears a gate open from inside the house*

*loses quarry*


I set down my fun box (just far enough from the house) and then put on that finishing touch.

On a private island, there's isn't anything that just "magically appears." There are no wandering merchants, lone hunters, or random stranglers. Anything that appears on the island appears for a reason. I set down my candy and give my fun box that reason.

(It was a holliday after all.)

::Fifteen Minutes Pass::

A red gate opens.

With pockets full (?) he steps over the gift basket and teleports inside.

I wait.

He hides.

The teleporter sounds a second time.

I wait.

The gift box disappears.

He stealths a few steps towards the house and... his stamina leeches to zero due to the extremely heavy crate!

He sets the gift box on the steps to lighten his load and...


His health is red-lined and before he can heal, I go for my shurikens to finish the job!

He takes 3 more damage to the face but it would take another tick of my poison before it was over!

With at least 1 sliver of stamina regenerated, he manages to take 2 steps back and his corpse is whisked to safety.

(Almost gotcha.)

With no one to resurrect him (and with no shrine to run to), his ghost meets me outside and I do the deed.


Purely Great: What are you doing here?

He runs back inside to gather his things from his decaying body and is nice enough to bring all of his belongings back out to me.



(He didn't have any event crystals on him regardless!)


(An idea.)

(I demand payment!)

And... his alter ego joins the coversation!

A crystal!

*looks again*

A blue crystal?

(The less expensive, less useful crystal...?)

His payment was encouraging... but this isn't nearly enough for lifetime protection.

(I'll give him a couple weeks.)

'Til next time!

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