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Episode 207: A Sticky Situation

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Hail friends,

Do you know what's worse than being wrong?

Being ignorant and wrong. Take tonight's travels for example:

hemestan: Can you tell us where?
Ginji: Where did you find a slime?
Kage: Ya.

Kage: Along the mountain.

Now I've been hearing murmers of some so-called dyes that come from these so-called slimes for a few days now. What were they exactly? Where did they come from? Who was going after them?

And most importantly...

Why wasn't I invited!?

(I'll just have to invite myself.)

hemestan and Ginji accept take their slimey items to complete their slimey quests.

(The plot thickens.)

(Ah, there they are. Just like Kage said they would be.)

I snoop them one-by-one, but soon it wouldn't matter. Every other step and the slimes reveal me and attack me.

Chad Sexington: Hello.
Ginji: Hi!

About 7 or 8 GIL come pouring in from the gate's direction. I keep on hiding, I keep on revealing, I keep on snooping, and they all are carrying nothing.

I follow the hemestan and Ginji back to the gate and... I lose them. I try Jhelom, Umbra, and Luna and they're no where to be found.

(What's this?)

Ally with an Icy Patch, just for me!

(On a shard that only allows one character per account, one holiday gift per account.)

Ah, this will do nicely.

I spot the two adventurers briefly before they vanish again.

Enough of running around in circles. I go to Plan B and head back to Jhelom. They'd be back to collect their prizes. And when they do, I'll be ready.

I head to the boards to demystify this mystery:

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
"What do you do after the slimes? Is there another part to the quest?"
Public Posting by Storm:
"go to jhelom docks like stated he will give you quest and 3 bowls then go to slimes and dyebowls(you can die them from same slime then take them to zoo keeper guy (you dont have to make them quest items they already are) and he gives you title ticket for "slime hunter"."
Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
"So you're saying there's nothing to actually steal and I'm stalking these guys for nothing.


I head back to the bank and confirm Storm's diagnosis:

Alas... no dyes for today. There weren't any physical dyes to be stolen at all!

(A cruel, cruel joke.)

I guess the Icy Patch will have to do.

'Til next time!

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