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Episode 208: Gift Exchange

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Hail friends,

(What's this?)

A death robe wearing man named "jjjjjjjjjj" running through Luna in the middle of the night at a time when annual holiday gifts are handed out by the gods, you say?

Why yes, I think it is!

A blessed bloodied parchment and a blessed holiday ticket, prime for re-deeding.

I get into position and like a well orchestrated (and predictable) symphony (of evil!), he doesn't disappoint:


(And this time I remain blue.)

In a flash, he shoves his Icy Patch-less holiday gift box into his bank and then...

He spots me!

And he seems to be familiar with my exploits.

But how -- oh how -- am I so recognizable? Is something on my face? Was it something I said?


It's as if someone is scribbling down my every steal (however large or small it may be), posting it in a place where everyone can see, only for the sole purpose of expanding my ever growing ego!

(Someone's been snitching.)

::shifty eyes::


And still...

He intrigues me.

A True Britannian!

I follow him hoping he'll attract some action while he looks for action of his own.

We circle the city. He leads and I follow.


(It is pretty late after all.)

I go to Plan B, watch him make another round through the city, place my crate in the center of the bank floor, and wait for him to come to me.

He picks it up.

No boom...?

I wait as he runs down the steps.

I wait some more and comes running back.



Ah, a good day.

(I love this time of year.)

'Til next time!

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