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Episode 285: Long time, no steal.

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Hail friends,

(What's this?)

Cuddles the Destroyer... AEowyn's dragon?

(Long time, no steal.)

I track for any hidden people, but find no one else. With the coast clear and Cuddles all alone (with a suspicious Skull of Greed next to her), I shadow jump my way around, up, over, and in, on top of the Yew Abbey.

(In the six months I waited in between Episodes 229 & 230, why didn't someone tell me all you needed was a couple shadow jumps to get on top of the roof? Well, I suppose I wouldn't have been able to openly ask about it without raising suspicions and... I still needed more time to train my skills. So in reality, this doesn't change things about that story either way and I didn't waste six months of my life waiting around, stalking spawns looking for a gate back to the roof.)


(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I get into position and get comfortable.

It was going to be a long night, but I wasn't going anywhere until either Cuddles or myself won the staring contest. Cuddles tells me her owner was out and about and the Skull of Greed tells me she wasn't alone.

(It was going to be worth the wait.)

::Twenty Minutes Pass::

A red gate opens and Essence of C|C is first to show his face.

But as soon as he appears, he's gone again.


Soon after, a blue gate opens and Jesus of GIL arrives.

He opens his bank box and I stealth over as fast as humanly possible to get my grubby hands on his elusive power scrolls.

He takes out a normal plate "Of Excellent Quality" from his bank box.

And just like Essence before him, as soon as he appears, he's gone again.


A second blue gate opens and Cuddles blinks first.

AEowyn, Jesus, and Essence all show.

Essence leaves again and I take advantage of Cuddles' enormous body.

(Now with adequate cover, I use one of the older (and simple) tricks in my book of tricks.)

*licks lips*

I snoop around a little more as they strike a deal.

AEowyn takes the exceptional plate.

(An item for which I have no interest.)

I've seen enough and I make my move.

"An Lor Xen!"

I go grey on the 7 stone Ember Leggings and use Cuddles' body to cover my escape as I cast an invisibility spell.

Surprised and unaware (and with me having excellent cover), I'm one "all kill" away from death, but there was little chance for them to get a clean target in time.

(I thank thee.)

Clean, simple, in-and-out, and most importantly, worth the wait. They soon leave. I do a quick tour of Gilfane and Dungeon Despise with little success. (It would be a shame to put perfectly good clues to waste.) I blame this adventure on Cuddles' poor attempt at taking me down in a staring contest.

(It may have only taken minutes for Cuddles' slave master to appear, but I would waited around for hours.)

'Til next time!

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