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Episode 084: They just don't build houses like they used to.

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cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness


A very sparse IDOC.

An empty metal chest on my right, a blindingly white chest on my left, and a few purple dyed robes are scattered about the grass... it seems I get sloppy seconds once again.

I dig further down and find there might be adventure waiting for me after all:

Then I do a double-take on the robes once more...


One Robe of the Eclipse and three more of the Equinox!

Perhaps the original looter made the same mistake as me. I guess I'll never know... but I'm not complaining. I stack the robes, one on top of the other on my tiny arms, search for my runebook, and recall home. But I can't stay long for there is adventure to be had!

"A recall rune for Home - East Entrance" it's labeled.

"What would be waiting for me at the other end?" I wonder. If this house collapsed, then maybe the others as well! Too many questions, but fortunately for me, these questions I can answer.

"Kal Ort Por!"

A house!


...a house in perfect condition.


I recall back to the scene of the crime, gobble up the rest of the non-feluccan runes, and set my sights on the endless possibilities jumbling in my head.

The malas rune prooved worthless and the other three even worse.

"This location is blocked." is all they say to me as they laugh in my robe having, IDOC-less, wannabe Atom Ant face. "And you enjoy hearing yourself speak." they laugh some more.

I brush off their rude remarks, tell myself that I'm a big boy, and remind myself that big boys don't cry.


(Well... they don't.)


And yet, the day wouldn't have the best of me! I look to the east, towards the Forest of Sacrifice, and go now to proove them wrong... to proove them all wrong.



Ann Thracks enters my life and far be it for me to be rude. (Luckily for her, now she can listen to me speak too. ^^)

A legendary mage!

A legendary mage battling from the safety of her own house no less! (A legendary act indeed.) I take a closer look, in hopes that she'll make a mistake, and take one step too many.

But she never does. She's apparently very good at the house hiding dance. (But don't tell her I said that. *gulp*)

I leave her be and look to the east...

(What's this?)

A lone puppy... without a master?

(I think not.)

(Ah, there you are.)

I watch her do her dance and she's very predictable.

I stand to the side, wait for her puppy to be in danger, wait for her to come to her puppy's aid, wait for the chaos of the battle to pick up just enough... and right then and there...


*pisses pants*

It's been too long, my long lost friend! Only Missy Lacey stands inbetween our much awaited reunion, but not to fret! I mean to remedy the situation. ^^


Content with my performance and my loot this day, I return home. I place my new alacrity scroll next to my stack of fresh robes, and call it a day. And yet, a wave of sadness overtakes me now. If there were only a way to allow others hear me speak as often as I do...

*sad face*


(This will require further investigation.)

'Til next time!

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